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Souvenirs, Gifts

: Hungary’s two world-famous salamis are prepared by Pick Szeged and Hertz. The original salami is made without paprika, based on a special, secret recipe, characterised by unique materials and careful technology. More information: Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum.

Chocolate cherries in cognac: Sour cherry is a popular and commonly used fruit for sweets. The chocolate shell of this bon-bon-like desert contains a cherry preserved in alcohol, each one of them individually wrapped in a golden foil.

Lace from Kiskunhalas, which can be seen as a competitor of Brussels’ lace. Halas lace is made of hair-thin linen thread by hand, which means it is very time-consuming to prepare it. As a result, its price per gram approaches that of gold.

Handmade porcelain from Herend is world-famous, just like Zsolnay porcelain from Pécs. Furthermore, the manufacture in Pécs is the only place in the world, where they make Eosin figures, characterised by their special, green glaze. Royal families, heads of state, important states- and businessmen are passionate about these Hungarian patterns.

Last modified: 2016.07.28.