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Guides, tutorials, games


GuidesTarget group
How to use Eurostat – videoMA/BA, Thesis Writers
Scholarly literature Wanted – presentationBA/MA
Thesis Writer’s Guide I – SourcesThesis Writers

References, plagiarism

GuidesTarget group
Ctrl C – Ctrl V – presentationBA/MA
References FAQMA/BA, Thesis Writers
Thesis Writer’s Guide II – ReferencesThesis Writers
Zotero user guide – advancedPhD/Lecturer
Zotero for beginnersMA/BA, Thesis Writers


GuidesTarget group
A practical toolkit for researchersPhD/Lecturer

Online games

GamesTarget group
Plagiarism gameMA/BA, Thesis Writers, PhD, Lecturer

Offline games

GamesTarget group
BAckstage of academic work MA/BA
To and Fro – The game of young researchersPhD
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