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Research support courses

Courses are held in Hungarian, by request, also in English.

Content of courses

Research Infrastructure at CUB

Trainers: Monika Fischer, Krisztina Kőrösi
Planned time schedule: 2 hours presentation + 2 hours consultation

  • overview of subscribed academic, financial and statistical databases and other reliable scholarly sources available for Corvinus community 
  • hints for choosing access methods 
  • supporting fair use of sources 
  • possible ways of on-demand document requests 
  • tips for keeping research up-to-date, collecting and organizing documents

Recording scholarly publications in MTMT (Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database)

Trainers: Éva Demecs, Erzsébet Lőrinczi, Judit Tóth, Veronika Vitéz 
Planned time schedule: 2×2 hours presentation + 2 hours consultation

  • overview of authors’ responsibility in recording their own publications 
  • information about Library’s support service 
  • key elements, characteristics of MTMT 
  • international reference databases 
  • use of personal profiles, identifiers 
  • practical hints of usage with a bit of scientometrics

Individual publication strategies

Trainers: Ádám Hoffmann, Zsuzsanna Nagy 
Planned time schedule: 2 hours presentation + 2 hours consultations

  • how to choose a publication channel, journals rankings, metrics, predatory publishers 
  • introducing traditional and new publishing trends (preprint, overlay journals)  
  • review of different evaluations of journals, rankings, metrics 
  • typical signs of predatory publishers and journals, possible ways of evaluating and checking

ASNS – Academic Social Networking Sites, digital repositories 

Trainer: Veronika Vitéz 
Planned time schecule: 2 hours presentation + 2 hours consultation 

  • characteristics of social networking sites, advantages and disadvantages of use 
  • review of institutional and disciplinary repositories, preprint servers 
  • the role of Corvinus Research Archive in dissemination of knowledge 
  • comparing networking sites with repositories

Open Access publishing 

Trainer: Katalin Urbán, Veronika Vitéz 
Planned time schecule: 2 hours presentation + 2 hours consultation 

  • principles and types of Open Access 
  • review of funding agencies’ requirements 
  • OA-requirements from publishers’ point of view, finances 
  • national and institutional financial support 
  • practical hints

Authors’ visibility presentation

The Library offers 30-minute presentations in the topic of authors’ visibility. One presentation will be held in English to help English-speaking faculty members and PhD students.

We will provide useful information about personal identification, reseachers’ profiles and authentic data of authors.

Training sessions integrated into university courses

The sessions aim at improving searching skills, informing students about printed and electronic materials, academic, statistical and business databases available at CUB. Besides library offered documents we give information about reliable scholarly OA-sources. This session supports conscious and ethical use of scholarly sources, teach students to use references properly, offer reference manager softwares.

Duration: 30-45 minutes. Training sessions are available on this webform. More training sessions are selectable using the same form.

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