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Technical services

On the 1st floor, in the I. E-lab, a self-service scanner is available for use. Scanned documents are accessible on a temporary portal for 48 hours. The availibility for downloading can be selected at the end of scanning (e-mail, qr code, manual). The service is free of charge.  

Computer use 
On the first floor if the Library, in two rooms known as E-labs, computer work spots are available to the registered university citizens (32 in each). The computers with internet connection are equipped with the software environment provided by the university’s IT provider centre. For outside readers we provide access to the web search. 
Computers can only be used by registered readers, without previous booking, in order of arrival. Tutors and students of the University can log in with their CUSMAN ID and password. Outside readers receive their ID required for use from the library staff, on registering. Readers have the opportunity to save, connect with USB and access the central portal of the university. 
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
The service makes it possible for a home/remote computer to connect to Corvinus University’s IT network. This way, online sources (E-journal collections, adatbases) and many other things accessible from the Library and the University’s premises are also available from home. The University’s tutors, students and staff are entitled to use the VPN. The service is operated by the IT centre of the University. 
Information on connecting via VPN 
Phone enquiries: 482-7501, 482-7502, 482-7503 
IT help desk

The service available on the whole premises of the Library can be used by the Budapest Corvinus University staff and students. It is accessible with a code.
User guide 
Our registered readers who are not citizens of Corvinus University, may ask for WIFI access at the service desk.  

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