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Loan service

Where, how and when can I borrow?

Library members should fill the online form. Your will get feedback in all cases. Books can be picked up on the next working day in the library opening hours: Mo-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm.

How many documents can be borrowed at a time?

Students: 8 docs.
Corvinus Faculty and Staff members: 30 docs.

What’s the duedate and where can I check? 

To check duedate log in the catalogue, check My library/My books.
Book(s) must be returned on duedate the latest, or, if you still need it, prolong them.
You have to pay a fine for late returned books, for fees check Service Fees


Books can be renewed 5 times. Possible ways of renewing:
  • logging into the catalogue
  • by e-mail: 

When is it not possible to renew your books?

  • if the book has been renewed 5 times
  • the book is reserved
  • you owe more than 5000 HUF
  • there is legal procedure between the you and the Library
  • membership card expires sooner than duedate 

Book return

  • If the Library is are open, use self check-in/check-out machines.
  • Alternatively, you can use the book return box at Library entrance, if the building is open.
Hint: if you use book return box, books will be taken down from your account on the next working day. 


Are all volumes on loan?
Make a reservation through the catalgoue, it is free of charge.
Log into the catalogue, search the book, click on Reserve title. If there are more volumes from the same edition, reservation refers to any of them. A reservation is valid for 3 months. Notification will be sent when the book becomes available, it must be picked up in 3 days.

How long is a loan? 

It depends on the book’s status, check it in the catalogue.
Loan statusLoan periodNote
normal loan21 days
short loan10 daysin semester period
short loan5 daysin exam period; borrowing is available only for Corvinus community
Books in RH, not for loanFor night/for a weekend, from closing time to opening next day
Good to know:
Night loan: Books in RH with a yellow stripe (meaning: not for loan), can be borrowed for a night/for a weekend. These can be taken away one hour before closing time and must be returned one hour after opening next day. Please turn to the librarian for night loans.

What is not for loan?

  • printed newspapers, journals
  • manuscripts, dissertations, Students’ Research papers
  • old and rare books 


To keep duedates is the reader’s responsibility. Reminders sent by the Library is for your convenience only.
Hint: You can update your e-mail address logging into the catalogue (My Library/Personal data)

Paying overdue and other fines 

Overdue fines are being counted automatically from next day of expired duedate. Counting overdue fines stop when the book is returned or renewed. Renewing do not exempt from paying overdue fines.
All fines (library card fee, overdue fine, replacement cost of lost books) will be presented in Neptun system. Fees can be paid only through Neptun using SimplePay bank card payment or by bank transfer.
Closed overdue fines appear in Neptun a week later and they must be paid in 8 working days. Please keep the deadline, since outstanding fines block registering for exams.
External users will be informed about overdue fines by e-mail. Fines must be paid by bank transfer. 

Lost or damaged book

  • Lost or damaged book is replaceable with the same or later edition.
  • If the book is not in trade, its value must be paid. (Value: estimated price of the book, but mininum 6000 HUF) 
To report about a lost book:
  • personally at Information Desk, or
  • by e-mail:
Library informs reader about the replacement cost by e-mail. Payment duedate is one month after receiving the notification. 
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