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PhD students

The Library’s Writing Center supports Corvinus PhD Students in academic success. Courses, training sessions, individual consultations are held either personally or in online form through Teams. Topics focus on supporting information literacy, publishing and publication strategies.

Training sessions integrated into university courses

Database usage training and consultation

English and Hungarian language training sessions are held in the Autumn semester in the frame of Intensive Week. In these sessions students get information about the library’s printed and electronic sources, academic, statistical and research method databases. Besides these, students are informed about effective use of sources and reference manager software, the importance of source evaluation and the features of scholarly documents. The sessions also introduce the trends of scholarly communication and help students to form their own publication strategy.

Dissemination of scientific output – training session and consultation

This course is held in the Spring Semester and contains the following topics: Open Access-publishing, publishing policy at CUB, including tenders for publishing support. Sessions develop participant’s writing skills, giving practical tips to write an abstract and create a conference poster.

Information literacy course

This course targets future lecturers, researchers. Its aim is handing over skills that can help applicants to build a successful career. Included topics are: information literacy and forms of scholarly communication. It is held in the Spring Semester for PhD-Students at the Doctoral School of Business and Management. 

Academic Writing

This course aims at helping students in scholarly writing. During this practical course students learn about the different types of scholarly works (abstracts, article, review, presentation) and will be able to pick up skills for writing a proper academic paper (argumentation, vocabulary, text organisation, etc.) Besides writing skills, it also tries to improve skills for self-management (publication management, electronic presence, effective forms of cooperation). It is offered for PhD students of the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science.

Training sessions and group consultations offered by the Library

Scholarly sources, collecting and organinizing documents – consultations in English/Hungarian

This session’s main aim is to inform students with subject-specific sources and search techniques. It gives hints about keeping research up-to-date, collecting and organizing documents with reference manager softwares, using references properly. It helps choosing from different access methods, supports fair use of sources, informs about the different ways of on-demand document requests at CUB.

Academic Writing Training and Consultations for Researchers

Our four-lesson Academic Writing Training is being offered at intermediate and advanced level. Our aim is to help you succeed in the academic arena by communicating effectively through the medium of Academic English. We focus on how to increase the quality of your academic written output in terms of both style and structure in order to ensure that your results have maximal impact. The trainings are accompanied by consultation session, where participants can received customized advice on their writing projects.

The intermediate training is designed for BA and MA students. The advanced training is designed for PhD students and faculty/researchers.
Registration: Academic Writing Training for Researchers – advanced
Registration: Academic Writing Training for Researchers – intermediate
Registration: Academic Writing Consultation

Basics of LaTeX – text formatting software – in English/Hungarian

3-part-course which demonstrates LaTeX, a text formatting software. After completing this course participants will be able to form their presentations or articles using LaTeX. Language of the course can be either English or Hungarian, it depends on the participants.

MTMT (Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database) consultations in English/Hungarian

Authors receive help to record their scholarly publications in MTMT, to avoid difficulties in publication processes. During the consultations patrons will be informed about different metrics, journal rankings, authentic Open Access-journals.

Plagiarism, reference manager softwares, text similarity check at CUB

To be an ethical author/researcher, you need to be aware of correct referencing. This training gives a review of plagiarism, shows the most typical mistakes and informs participants about the tools, methods that can help to avoid plagiarism. At CUB a text similarity checker (i.e. anti-plagiarism software) has been using since 2019, all MA/BA Theses and PhD-Dissertations are checked with it. At this course you can have a look at the process of checking and also the method of analysing the result.

Trends of scholarly communication, basics of Open Access publishing

The goal of this training is to give an overview of Open Access-publishing. Main points include the basics of OA-publishing, different types of OA, current and recent trends of funding and publishers’ policy. It supports forming your own individual publication strategy and also gives tools, methods to avoid predatory journals. It focuses on CUB’s OA-policy and recent trends of Open Science.

Bibliometrics in evaluating professional output

This training gives an overview of the basic principles of bibliometrics and the applied metrics. It demonstrates the reference databases, journal evaluation methods, journal rankings and rankings of the different science areas. It helps users to choose from the different publication channels and to form individual publication strategy. 

Personal Consultations

The Library offers individual consultation sessions by appointment.

Guides and games


To and Fro – the game of young researchers
Plagiarism game

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