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Corvinus Scholarship

The University may award Corvinus Scholarships to students admitted to self-funded programmes, subject to their performance, as a cash benefit in order to take over all or part of their tuition fees payable for a semester (partial) scholarship).

The Presidential Committee decides each year on the scope of programmes supported by (partial) scholarships and the distribution of the total funds available for scholarships when deciding on the preliminary approval of the annual announcement of study programmes in the Higher Education Admission Bulletin as well as on the minimum score for admission as part of the central admission procedure and the admission procedure within institutional competence.

As part of this process, the Presidential Committee identifies the scope of students and programmes eligible for Corvinus Scholarship, by determining all additional conditions thereof.

Students whose tuition fees are not paid by themselves (recipients of Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships, tuition fees paid by employer, etc.) are not entitled to (partial) scholarships. The maximum amount of a (partial) scholarship awarded to a student for a semester equals the amount of tuition fees payable by the student for the given training programme. A (partial) scholarship may be awarded for a period that is no longer than the training period specified in the effective training and outcome requirements relevant to the study programme concerned (maximum number of funded semesters). Students may receive (partial) scholarships through open calls for applications. Calls are announced by the Vice-Rector for Education based on Presidential Committee decisions, with the consent of the Student Council. 

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