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Application process

Choose the program you wish to join 

Read about our courses here in our website  where you canfind up-to-date information about the programs  in English offered by  our university.  We are aiming to provide high quality education, sothe curricula are constantly being developed to include the mostcontemporary subjects possible, don’t miss out on anything!

Application informations
Check the admission requirements  

The application and admission requirements vary  depending on the chosen program  so make sure to check the program specific requirements in their according page here on the website. In the case of MA/MSc programs, the field in which the BA/BSc degree was obtained may influence whether or not the student can apply for the chosen program (prerequisite knowledge in given fields is mandatory in Hungary). Some programs have written and/or oral exam, others shall write an essay or have an oral (web-based) interview. What you will need  to provide for sure  is a valid English language proficiency certificate. Native speakers and applicants who completed their bachelor and/or master level studies in English are exempt from this requirement as long as they can present sufficient written proof).   

Send application forms and required documents to the Study Office   

Complete the application form  on our website, collect copies of all necessary documents  available at the time of application (missing documents can be submitted when they become available, and provide proof of payment of the application fee. All credentials and documents in a language other than English must be provided with a notarized translation. An authenticated, apostilled or diplomatically legalized (type of authentication depends on where the given diploma was issued) copy of the original diploma must be supplied to provide official proof of degree.  


Learn how to apply for a study visa and residence permit  

Check the  website of the  Directorate-General for Aliens Policing  or that of the Hungarian Consulate in your country to find out the application requirements for a visa/residence permit for the purpose of studies. 

Do not hesitate to ask! 

You can always turn to us when you struggle with something, just write us an email! Every  program has its own coordinator  and  you will be able to find their contact details at the relevant program page.  

Contact e-mail: 

See you soon! 

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