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Corvinus University of Budapest

Our specialist continuing education programs leading to a diploma are recommended to those who would like to acquire current, practical knowledge for their current job, or who would like to change careers by obtaining a new qualification. Our trainings give you the opportunity not only to expand your knowledge, but also to expand your network of contacts.

Our programmes

Information on Admission - How to apply



We recommend our specialist postgraduate programmes to those who want to deepen their existing knowledge; to acquire current, up-to-date knowledge or special skills for their current jobs; or want to change their jobs by acquiring a new professional qualification and specialist knowledge. All of our programmes build on some qualification from higher education and some professional qualification (without changing the existing higher education qualification level).

The admission requirements differ for each course, so you can find information about them on the page of the specific course.


• Deadline for late registration: 7 September

Exception: Executive MBA, where the deadline is 15 September.

• After acquiring knowledge about domestic and international trends, you will be able to appropriately adapt to changes in needs of the economy.
• You can become an even better corporate leader or the manager of your own business.
• You will have more chances to receive a promotion to a senior management position.
• With higher professional recognition, you will find it easier to be successful in the labour market.
• You can gain new, practical knowledge by building on and expanding your existing work experience.
• You can acquire the knowledge necessary for your development under a flexible schedule, while having a job.

1. Get information about specialist postgraduate programmes announced through the Corvinus site for training programmes.

2. Choose the programme that suits your interest and check whether your existing qualification can meet all admission requirements.

3. Carefully identify the documents you need to attach to your application.

4. Click on the Apply button, fill in the form, upload the documents requested in the description of the given study programme, and then you can instantly apply by submitting the data. *

5. The admission procedure is subject to a 9000 HUF fee which must be paid together with the application by bank transfer. The postgraduate training course will be valid with the payment from the date of the transfer.

Name of the account holder: Corvinus University of Budapest
Account number: 11784009-22229896-00000000
Name of the financial institution keeping the account: OTP Bank Nyrt
Notice: R2SM00003K ‘name of the program’ ‘Surname’ ‘First name’
IBAN: HU92 11784009 22229896 00000000

Számlatulajdonos neve: Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
Számlaszám: 11784009-22229896-00000000
Számlát vezető pénzintézet neve: OTP Bank Nyrt
Közlemény: R2SM00003K ’szakirányú továbbképzés neve’ ’Vezetéknév’ ’Keresztnév’
IBAN szám: HU92 11784009 22229896 00000000

  • Most of our programmes are delivered as part-time courses, with classes usually held on Fridays and/or Saturdays every two weeks.
  • As our training programmes are practice-oriented, classes take place in traditional, small-group, interactive form of sessions requiring your personal presence.
  • Our specialist postgraduate programmes are self-funded with tuition fees being exempted from VAT.
  • Tuition fees may be taken over by your employer or a company.
  • We will launch our training programmes in case of a minimum headcount as corresponds to our teaching methods (usually 15 students).
  • In our programmes, a discussion of professional aspects and your motivation may take place before you are admitted; for further information, please consult the Datasheet of the study programme concerned. 
  • Student loan can be applied for in the case of postgraduate programs as well. You can find details here: https://diakhitel.hu/

If you obtained your degree in economics or business administration through undergraduate or master’s studies in the field of economics, then your specialized diploma will include the title “Economist.” In the case of a previous qualification from a different field, depending on the specific program, the title may be “Manager/Expert/Consultant,” etc.

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