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Study Scholarship

Study Scholarship is a cash benefit awarded in each semester to students with excellent academic performance. Of students admitted in the second semester of 2018/19 or earlier, students whose achievement is higher than the median may receive study scholarships. Of students establishing a student status in the autumn semester of 2019/20 or thereafter, scholarships are awarded to the best-performing students through a ranking procedure, i.e. at least 20% of students receive scholarships.

Who may apply and what is the process of applying?

  • For students in undergraduate and single-cycle master’s programmes: starting from the second semester of the first year; and for students in second-cycle master’s programmes: starting from the first semester of the first year.
  • Applications may be submitted electronically via the Neptun Study and Registration System. In the menu item “Administration”, please select the sub-menu item “Application Forms” to find Study Scholarship I. and Study Scholarship II. among application forms to be completed. Each student must make a proper application, as the submission of an application is a precondition for awarding scholarships. The Study Scholarship is no exception to this rule. No documents need to be attached to applications.  

Frequency of announcing calls for applications and amount of funds to be awarded

  • At the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters. Study Scholarship Programme I. is for students having registered before September 2019.
  • The monthly amount of scholarship per student may range between at least HUF 8,400 and at most HUF 40,000. Study Scholarship Programme II. is for students having registered in September 2019 or thereafter, and its amount differs from the maximum and minimum amounts of Study Scholarship I., as the method of calculation is different. In the second semester of the 2019/20 academic year and the first semester of the 2020/21 academic year, students could receive funds of minimum HUF 10,000 and maximum HUF 70,000.

The minimum and maximum amounts of scholarships are for information only. These amounts may be different for scholarships in each semester, as they depend on the total funding available for scholarships and the number of applications submitted by students. 

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