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EKÖP-KDP Fellowship 2024/2025

The most important preliminary task for applicants is to find a supervisor related to their research topic with whom they can discuss their research idea/plan.

As previously announced, starting from the 2024/2025 application period, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office’s New National Excellence Programme (in Hungarian ÚNKP) and Cooperative Doctoral Programme (in Hungarian KDP) will be closed and replaced by the University Research Fellowship Programme (in Hungarian EKÖP)and as part of the EKÖP-KDP -established by the Government.

The call for University Research Fellowships (in Hungarian EKÖP), which replaces the new National Excellence Fellowship Programme, is currently awaiting approval by the EKÖP Council before its official launch. It is expected to be published at Corvinus in the second half of June.

How and where to submit applications

The application documents described in point 12 of the call for proposals must be submitted to one of the following thematic e-mail addresses, according to the category of the call for application, no later than 14th July 2024: ekop_kdp@uni-corvinus.hu

The above e-mail addresses are only used for receiving (automatic saving) of the application documents. All correspondence and requests for information relating to proposals should be sent to the contact e-mail address unkp_bce@uni-corvinus.hu.

Documents submitted electronically are accepted in the following format/extension: PDF

Expectations for handwritten or electronically signed documents:

  • a document authenticated using an identifiable document authentication service (Client Gateway AVDH, at https://niszavdh.gov.hu/index), Client Gateway, or any other enhanced security qualified electronic signature service, or
  • a scanned format of a printed and manually signed document.

For the sake of the readability of your application, we recommend that you use one of the following to complete the annexes:

  • File (menu) / Save as PDF (*.pdf) or
  • File (menu) / Print by selecting Microsoft print to PDF

Data Processing Notice

The Data Processing Notice for the EKÖP-KDP application is available here.

 Call for application and annexes

ATTENTION! Modifications to the application forms are not accepted! Please do not attempt to modify the documents! Modification of the forms is not subject to the formal verification of the application and therefore the applicant will not have the possibility to correct them by means of a supplementary application.

The formal check will cover the following:

  • the presence of the required annexes, their legibility, the presence of the necessary signatures
  • the legibility of supporting documents which may constitute additional points, and in the case of documentation in a language other than Hungarian or English, the existence of a certified translation of the relevant documentation is mandatory

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