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Hungarian State Scholarships

Bursa Hungarica

Bursa Hungarica Municipal Higher Education Scholarship Programme aims to support disadvantaged and socially deprived young people studying in higher education to create opportunities for them.

Applications cannot be submitted at the University. Open calls for applications are announced by the Human Resources Support Management organisation on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. 

National Higher Education Scholarship

Students with excellent performance are awarded national higher education scholarships by the competent Minister on the initiative of the University. You may apply for a scholarship under the competent Minister’s calls for applications, if you are a student attending an undergraduate programme or a second-cycle or a single cycle master’s programme; and you have registered for two semesters and earned at least 55 credit points during your studies; and you have had outstanding academic results, a Grade Point Average of at least 4.5, in the previous two semesters during your studies at the University; and you have carried out outstanding professional and community work.

The scholarship is awarded for a full academic year (10 months) under open calls for applications. Calls are announced by the Vice-Rector for Education. Applications are checked and ranked by the Student Social Committee. Under the powers delegated by the Senate, the Vice-Rector for Education makes proposals to the competent Minister for awarding National Higher Education Scholarships. The competent Minister decides on the award of scholarships.

Applications are assessed on the basis of students’ academic achievements and professional and community activities. Academic achievements are automatically retrieved through Neptun, so you do not need to upload any certificates in this regard. However, you are required to prove your professional or public affairs activities by official documents. You can find a list of these documents in the current call for applications and in the Regulations on Student Fees and Benefits. 

NHES Sample Certificates 2024

Who may apply and what is the process of applying?

  • Full-time students with active student status attending some undergraduate or second-cycle or single-cycle master’s programme.
  • Applications may be submitted electronically via the Neptun Study and Registration System. In the menu item “Administration”, please select the sub-menu item. “Application Forms” to find the National Higher Education Scholarship among application forms to be completed. After selecting the relevant scholarship, please complete the application form, by uploading all necessary annexes. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and submitting additional information is not allowable.
  • The following rules apply to supporting document(s) attached to applications: each certificate must contain the student’s name, and the name and description of the activities concerned. Each certificate must clearly identify the issuing person and organisational unit. Incomplete or unidentifiable certificates will not be accepted by the Student Social Committee. 

Frequency of announcing calls for applications and amount of funds to be awarded

  • Once; after the spring semester and before the start of the autumn semester.
  • The monthly amount of the National Higher Education Scholarship is equal to one tenth of the amount set out in Article 114/D(1)c) of the Act on National Higher Education. The normative amount for scholarship recipients is HUF 400,000/year, i.e. HUF 40,000 per month.
  • The minimum and maximum amounts of scholarships are for information only. These amounts may be different for scholarships in each semester, as they depend on the total funding available for scholarships and the number of applications submitted by students. 

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Stipendium Hungaricum

Stipendium Hungaricum is the most prestigious higher education scholarship programme of the Hungarian Government. Within the programme, Corvinus University of Budapest offers a wide range of programmes for international students of excellent academic track record.

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship was established by the Hungarian Government for those who live in a Hungarian diaspora outside of Europe and wish to study at a Hungarian higher education institution to develop their personal, professional and cultural relations to Hungary.

The programme aims to support the professional advancement of the scholarship holders with high-quality Hungarian higher education while improving their Hungarian language skills and strengthening their Hungarian identity. After graduation, scholarship holders return to their home country with competitive skills and knowledge that enables them to support their community, preserve Hungarian values and reinforce the relations between the diaspora and Hungary.

Stipendium Peregrinum

A priority project of the National Talent Centre, Stipendium Peregrinum Scholarship is awarded to outstanding talents who, relying on their abilities and knowledge, are preparing to be admitted to the most prestigious universities in the world and undertake that, after finishing their studies, they will use their acquired knowledge in Hungary.

Applications cannot be submitted at the University. It is a priority project of the National Talent Centre. 

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