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CEMS Master’s in International Management

CEMS is your future!

Join the renowned Master’s in International Management one-year programme which was developed by scientific and business leaders to bring you one of the most efficient and successful training in the world with the best practices in domestic and international leadership. In Hungary it is only available at Corvinus!

Application period for the academic year 2024/25: 6 – 20 November 2023.

Models you can choose from:

  • Crown Model – You can combine CEMS MIM with several master programmes in English and in Hungarian

    Please check the application requirements for the Crown model here

What can you get:

  • International contacts from around the world
  • Exciting international semester
  • Term abroad at a partner institution
  • Professional internship opportunities
  • Skill seminars offered by Corporate partners
  • Global alumni network and alumni mentor programs to make sure you get your dream job

Let the numbers speak:

  • 0 tuition fee at Corvinus
  • 3 years after the graduation the average salary is 51,852 USD/year with the Corvinus diploma and 83,022 USD/year with a CEMS diploma
  • 97% of CEMS graduates can find employment within 3 months
  • 82% of the CEMS Alumni have already worked in multiple countries
  • CEMS graduates found employment in 75 countries of the world, so an international career is not a question with this degree
  • 70+ multinational companies in partnership who are happy to hire you after graduation

Explore your opportunities and find out everything about the application

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