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Life at Corvinus

Student life and Entertainment

Luckily, life at Corvinus is not all about courses, submissions, written and oral exams, it is also about community experiences, facilitated by the Student Union (HÖK) and ÖCSI (Office of SelfHelp Groups), an organization promoting the integration of freshmen students. The Ball of Freshman Students held at the end of each November is also staged by ÖCSI. This is the biggest such event in Central Europe that has its venue in a historic building. During the ball the corridors and the halls take on an entirely different face. The event extends to three floors and multiple locations. If you have never partied in a formal evening dress or suit, this opportunity is not to be missed!

At Corvinus life does not come to a standstill during term-time, either. Throughout the year HÖK makes sure you are able to let off steam after hard work. The first stage of this series of parties is the Year Opening Ceremony, which usually takes place at one of the most popular clubs of Budapest and therefore is less formal. The end of the calendar year is marked by the biggest party of all, the Közgáz Arena. There are, of course, a number of thematic parties in between, like the Közgáz Halloween, the End of Exams Party as well as the Halftime Party.

You may take part in various sport events such as the joint jogging around Margit Island, the Beerpong Championships or the Közgáz League, which is the official fivea-side football competition of Corvinus! A further opportunity for physical activity is the Corvinus Sport Week, organized once each semester. Back in 1994 an initiative was launched to enable all the students of Corvinus to celebrate the end of the academic year together. The End-of-Year Festival is a university-wide informal event with a vast variety of programs including music concerts, leisure activities and contests. Festival goers can plunge into parties at night and make a splash into Lake Balaton during the day. The festival in its current form was developed in 2012 and has since become the biggest university festival in Hungary. Owing also to its venue, Lake Balaton, it has a refreshing effect after an entire year of studies. The End-of-Year Festival is an awesome, friendly experience! 

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