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Corvinus Alumni Club

We are happy to see you again!

We created the Corvinus Alumni Club for our students graduating from Corvinus University of Budapest and its predecessor. The Club’s online interface can be provided for networking, collaboration, and university involvement in the bloodstream. We look forward to the Alumni Club events and carefully recommend our programs and university training.
Let’s keep in touch!

Levente Szabados
Alumni Office Manager

Who can become a member of Corvinus Alumni Club?

Anyone who has graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest or its predecessor institutions, or who has successfully completed a programme offered by the University (including, of course, predecessor institutions and faculties that are no longer part of Corvinus but were part of the institution when the degree was awarded).

How to join the Corvinus Alumni Club?

To become a member, you need to register through the Corvinus Alumni Club online platform. All you need to enter is your name and e-mail address.

What opportunities does membership offer?

  • You can browse freely among your classmates, peers and other members of the community.
  • In the specialised and thematic groups, you can join the vibrant small communities and participate in community events.
  • When travelling abroad, you can get in touch with local club members.
  • If you live abroad, you can find Club Members in your area and start a local community with support from the Alumni Office.
  • By becoming a member of the Club, you become eligible to attend alumni events, lectures and galas organised by the Alumni Office for the alumni community.
  • You will be regularly informed about the achievements of the community and you can share your own success stories with the alumni members.
  • You can participate in various mentoring programmes and share your knowledge and life experience to support active students of the University.
  • You can also financially support a variety of projects and objectives, and receive detailed information on their implementation.
  • You will be supported in your career planning, as you can freely browse through exclusive job offers.
  • If you are organising a class reunion, conference or any other event, you can get support from the Alumni Office

You want not only to be involved in the life of the community, but to actively shape it?

If you would like to be actively involved in building the community, not only experiencing but also shaping what happens and being at the heart of a small community, don’t hesitate to contact the Alumni Office staff who will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas and vitalising the alumni community.

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