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Corvinus University of Budapest is Hungary's leading university in the field of economics and social sciences, with internationally recognised courses and a global network of partners. For more than 70 years, graduates of the University have been key actors and active shapers not only in Hungarian but also in international academic, business, political and social life. An important goal of the Corvinus renewal is to create a unique professional and community network of graduates, supported by the University staff, which is unique in Central Europe, where members can share knowledge, support each other and current students with their experiences, develop their skills and careers, and build their academic and business networks.

Who can become a member of the Corvinus Alumni community?

Anyone who has graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest or has successfully completed a course of study at the University (including, of course, predecessor institutions and faculties that are no longer part of Corvinus but were part of the institution when the degree was awarded).

How can you join Corvinus Alumni?

The Corvinus Alumni Network is the official platform of the University for former students, an integrated professional and community site introduced as part of the University Renewal, which offers a number of useful and exciting features to help build professional and community connections.

To apply for alumni membership, please fill in the registration form on the Corvinus Alumni Network website.

During the registration process, the applicant can decide whether he/she wants to use the Corvinus Alumni Network and benefit from the opportunities offered there or just receive information in the Corvinus Alumni newsletter. The alumni membership is valid without using the Corvinus Alumni Network as well, but we encourage everyone to use the Corvinus Alumni Network, as it provides the most up-to-date information and the most opportunities to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Corvinus Alumni.

What opportunities does Corvinus Alumni offer?

  • As a member of the community, former students can keep up-to-date with the latest news and achievements of the University, as well as with opportunities for former students and external actors (companies, SMEs, start-ups, institutions).
  • They can continue their studies at the Alma Mater and take part in some courses with discounts.
  • They can participate in events, lectures, conferences organised centrally by the University and open to alumni, and receive support to organise events and programmes of their own initiative.
  • They may return to the University as researchers, lecturers, providers of case studies, or even in the framework of corporate partnerships.
  • They can contribute to the renewal of the University through professional development, innovation projects or even financial support for education and student community life.
  • On the Corvinus Alumni Network, they can browse job opportunities for Corvinus Alumni or post their own job advertisement.

How can you get actively involved in building the Corvinus Alumni community?

We are currently working with nearly 50 alumni ambassadors to create opportunities for alumni that they really need, to preserve and cherish the University’s traditions and to contribute to the further development of Corvinus. If you would like to be actively involved in community building and development, have ideas or suggestions for Corvinus Alumni, you can apply in two ways: by emailing or by filling in the ‘University development’ field in your Corvinus Alumni Network profile after registration

Do you have any questions?

The Corvinus Corporate and Business Relations Alumni team awaits your inquiries via e-mail at and by phone at +36 30 512 0183.

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