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Viewing, Consultation, Review request, Appeal

a)Within 15 calendar days from the disclosure of the results examinees mayrequest to view their tests. Assessment issues, rights infringement andcounting mistakes leading to false scores may be pointed out and a reviewrequest filed. If requests are sent by post, the deadline refers to the date ofpostage. To initiate such processes, the viewing and reviewing request forms(see „documents” on our webpage)  need tobe filled in, and in the case of a review request, the receipt of payment ofthe reviewing fee need to be handed in, or sent by post or e-mail to theLanguage Examination Centre.  If you decide to send your request in a letter,please send us the requests via e-mail, too. At the first level, yourrequest will be considered by the head of the Examination Centre in 15 daysafter its arrival.
b)Viewing: Examinees have the right to view their written tests andoral assessment sheets in the Examination Centre, free of charge. Tests mayonly be viewed by examinees and their parents/legal guardians/representatives.
Viewing will take place in a roomwith an invigilator, in the time span of a 45 minute fixed appointment session.Examinees will be given their tests for viewing together with related answerkeys, assessment instructions and oral exam assessment sheets. To be able totake notes, examinees will also get blank sheets with the Centre’s seal, and apencil. While taking handwritten notes of parts of the written test is allowed,image recording of any sort (e.g. photocopying, taking photos) is not, It isalso forbidden to copy full test items and any exam material by hand, word byword. Before leaving, examinees have to show their notes to the invigilator forcontrol and signature.
c) Consultation: Examinees are also granted aconsultation session at request. As a consultation fee, the sum of the currentextra service fee is to be calculated – check the update on our website. Atconsultation sessions examinees have the opportunity to ask an examiner,appointed by the Language Examination Centre, to analyse their tests and pointout their most typical mistakes and shortcomings, and offer guidance forfurther preparation. On all other accounts the rules of viewing also apply to consultation sessions.

d) Review request: Within 15 calendar days fromthe disclosure of the results, suspicion of assessment issues, rightsinfringement and counting mistakes leading to false scores may be pointed outand a review request filed, either linked with a viewing request orseparately. According to the amendment of Govt. Decree No. 137/2008. (V.16.) ineffect from March 27,  2011, a reviewrequest fee is to be charged, amounting to 20% of the written examinationfee or 10% of the oral examination fee.
Requests without original ordigitalised payment receipts enclosed will be rejected. Missing the deadlinemay be an other cause of a rejected request, and in all cases it’s thecomplainer’s responsibility to track whether their requests have been deliveredto the Examination Centre.
The head of the Language ExaminationCentre will bring a decision in 15 days from delivery, and inform the examineein writing.
e) Appeal: No later than 15 days after the disclosure of the decisionin a reviewing case examinees may file an appeal, addressed to the Office ofEducation with two copies sent to the Language Examination Centre, in whichthey point out that their rights might have been infringed or that there mighthave been errors in the calculation of their test scores. Filing such an appealhas a fee of HUF 5.000, to be paid to the Office of Education (bank account No.10032000-00282637-00000000 subject: „language examination appeal”). Thecomplaint will be investigated in keeping with sections 102-105. of ActCXL/2004 on the general rules of municipal administrative procedures. If the complaintsare considered valid, the Language Examination Centre is obliged to issue thelanguage examination certificate in 15 calendar days from the disclosure of thelegally binding resolution.

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