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SOTE Cup swimming competition, University swimming competition

2024-04-10 09:24:00

This semester, the swimming team of Corvinus University of Budapest competed for the first time at the 1st Semmelweis International Short Course Swimming Cup. The invitation to the competition gave us the opportunity to represent the University in an otherwise Senior swimming competition, and we hope it will become a tradition.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

We entered the competition with a smaller team. Our preparation for the competition, which was scheduled just after the break, was not without its problems, but we were looking forward to it and the training was encouraging. The swimming pool of the National University of Public Service was the venue. In the end, we had a very successful and productive competition. In the team events, our 4x50m freestyle relay team (Sámuel Patyi, István Horváth, Mátyás Revuczky, Benedek Horváth-Milvich) finished in 2nd place, while our MIX mixed relay team (Gréta Wittmann, Zsanett Gáspár, Sámuel Patyi, Benedek Horváth-Milvich) finished in 3rd place. In the individual events 4 gold (Sámuel Patyi 50 breast, 100 medley, Gréta Wittmann 50 back, 50 butterfly), 5 silver (Mátyás Revuczky 50 breast, Sámuel Patyi 50 butterfly, Gréta Wittmann 100 medley, István Horváth 100 medley), Benedek Horváth-Milvich 100 freestyle), 2 bronze medals (Benedek Horváth-Milvich 50 freestyle, Zsanett Gáspár 50 breast) and several points scoring medals, thanks to Gergő Illés and Márton Tóth.   

Congratulations! Super team!  

Next up is the 1-hour interuniversity swimming competition on 25 April! 

All results:  


50 front crawl:  

  • 3.Horváth -Milvich Benedek   
  • 13. Illés Gergő  
  • 15. Tóth Márton  


50 breaststrokes:  

  • 3. Gáspár Zsanett  
  • 1. Sámuel Patyi  
  • 2. Revuczky Mátyás  


50 backstroke:  

  • 1. Wittmann Gréta  
  • 4. Gáspár Zsanett  
  • 3. István Horváth  
  • 5. Horváth-Milvich Benedek  


50 butterfly:  

  • 1. Wittmann Gréta  
  • 2. Sámuel Patyi  
  • 4. Revuczky Mátyás  
  • 6. István Horváth  
  • 12. Illés Gergő  


100 mixed:  

  • 2. Wittmann Gréta  
  • 1. Patyi Sámuel  
  • 2. István Horváth  
  • 10. Illés Gergő  
  • 11. Horváth -Milvich Benedek  
  • 16. Tóth Márton  


100 front crawl:  

  • 2. Horváth-Milvich Benedek  
  • 6. Tóth Márton  
  • 7. István Horváth  


4×50 men’s relay:  

2nd Corvinus University of Budapest: Patyi, Horváth, Revuczky, Horváth-Milvich  


4×50 MIX mixed relay:  

3rd Corvinus University of Budapest: Wittmann, Gáspár, Patyi, Horváth-Milvich 

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