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Language exam certificates

Language exam certificates

The Examination Centre uses a compensation assessment scheme: if anexaminee manages to score 40% at each exam part for each skill (except forlanguage proficiency, for which there is no minimum set), the exam part withbetter results compensates for the exam part with worse results, unless theaverage result of the two exam parts stays below 60%. Otherwise the examineepasses, and a complex examination certificate will be issued. Example: Writtentest 55 % + oral test 65 % = 60 %, complex exam pass mark.
If the average of the two exam part results doesn’t reachthe 60% minimum but the examinee succeeds in reaching 60% at one of the twoexam parts – oral or written – with the 40% minimum met for each skill, acertificate of a passed oral or written language examination will be issued.
Compensation only applies if the parts of a complexexamination are taken in the same exam period. Passing one part of theexamination (oral or written) can’t compensate for the results of the other parttaken later.

The results of the exam will be disclosed 30calendar days after the exam (menu: VIEWING RESULTS). You can check outyour results by typing in your personal code number.

Collectinga certificate

Certificates are onlyto be collected in person at the respective test centre or at the languageexamination centre. There is no postage of certificates. Examinees who passedthe exams they signed up for – according to the results found online on the dayof disclosure (if they signed up for a complex exam: complex exam passed, ifthey signed up for a written exam: written exam passed, if they signed up foran oral exam: oral exam passed) – will be informed via e-mail about detailsconcerning the collection of their certificates three weeks from the day theresults were disclosed online.

Examinees who signed upfor a complex exam but only succeeded in passing the oral OR the written part(and thus eligible to receive a certificate of an oral or a written languageexam) will be informed about details concerning the collection of theircertificates three weeks counted from the end of the review period.

If an examinee had signed up for a complexexamination and ended up failing an exam part and passing an other, the onethey passed will be considered a successful oral or written examination, and acertificate will be issued.

When combined, oral and writtenlanguage examination certificates are equivalent to a complex certificatewithout any regard to the time elapsed between the two examinations and to thetest centres they were taken. Part-examination certificates of the samelanguage can be combined.

Lost language examination certificates can only be replaced by a so-calledadministrative certificate. Unfortunately we are not authorised to issue acertificate of the same exam twice. An administrative certificate, whichcontains the data of the lost language examination certificate including itsserial number and registration number, can be requested at the AccreditationCentre for Foreign Language Examinations (Accreditation Centre for ForeignLanguage Examinations customer service, 1122 Budapest, Maros u. 19-21., Phone:374-2133; ).

The Accreditation Centre for ForeignLanguage Examinations (NYAK) will reprint a certificate in the sole caseof an error in the examinee’s name. Typing errors in birthplaces, birth dates,missing middle names can only be corrected by requesting an administrativecertificate, which is to be enclosed to the language examination certificate.Not even a name change makes anyone eligible for a reprint. Further informationavailable at


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