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Reading the Survival Guide is a must for all the SH students of Corvinus. It contains the most important information on how to survive in Budapest, what to do after arrival, where to buy stuff that you need on an everyday basis, how to use the public transport, how to get your residence permit etc. Please always check the online version of the guide if you need up to date information.The Housing Guide gives you tips on what to look for if you need to rent a place on your own.
Housing Guide
Please check the Survival Guide’s sections “How to apply for the residence permit” and “How to renew your residence permit” for information on the topics.Please also check the website of the Immigration Office and the related documents below.
Datasheet for Issuing the Residence Permit form
Application for Residence Permit form
Appendix 14 (Studies or student mobility)
Accommodation Reporting Form
Accommodation Reporting Form sample
Please check the Survival Guide’s “Health Insurance” section for information on the insurances available for the Stipendium Hungaricum students at Corvinus. Please also check in the guide what you must do in order to be insured by UNIQA private insurance company and by the Hungarian State.Please note that according to the SH Rules and Regulations you are entitled to get both insurances.Please also check the related documents below.
UNIQA privacy notice
Uniqa Terms and Conditions
Uniqa Insurance product profile
TAJ card sample
UNIQA declaration form_2021 Spring
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