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The subject registration date has changed

University Citizens!

Taking into account the uncertainty of the domestic and international virus situation’s expected development, the details of the start of the autumn school year are currently being worked out.

For this reason, in agreement with the Student Self-Government, the early subject registration for the 2020/2021 academic year will be canceled.

Subject registration will be available from 31 August 2020.

Lajos Szabó
Vice Rector for Education
How do I prepare for the final examin Applied Economics?
The final exam of the AppliedEconomics program consists of the defense of the thesis.
What do I need for the defense?
• For thedefense, a presentation is required.• Thepresentation should be up to 10 minutes long.• Thepresentation contains the essential elements of the dissertation (it is worthpracticing at home to fit the presentation into the 10 minutes). • The presentation should answerthe following questions:
(1) what was the question asked in the thesis,(2) why I thought this topic was worth addressing,(3) what result I obtained, and(4) how I came to this result.
That is, it is NOT necessary to review the WHOLE thesis.
• For students who will participateto the exam personally, it is also worth preparing for “emergencies” if atechnical problem arises and make the presentation available on more than onedevice (in addition to a flash drive, from your own email, from a cloud, etc.).• Students who will participate inthe exam online through TEAMS will have to share their screen with the committeeduring their presentation (it’s worth lookingup how screen share works in Teams to avoid problems in the exam).
General information on the safety measures for students participating in the final exam requiring personal appearance
Please consider the following:
· All students are allowed to enter the universitybuilding only in masks and are required to wear the mask for the entireduration of their stay in the building.
· If possible, students should arrive no more than 30minutes before the designated exam time, because only this way can we provide themwith safe waiting areas where they can keep the appropriate protection distance.
· Each examination room will have a designatedwaiting room where students must stay before their turn (until they are calledfor the examination). Students can go in front of the examination room amaximum of 5 minutes before their exam turn, until then they must stay in the designatedwaiting room.
· After completing the exam, students are required toleave the building as soon as possible, but no later than within 15 minutes. Ifthey cannot leave the building within this time they are required to wait in thedesignated waiting area.

We wish our students good preparation and a successful exam!

Relevant documents

Provisions of the 29/2020. (IV. 23.) Presidential Committee to Deadlines and Procedures Regarding Thesis Submission in Academic Year 2019/2020 – Annex 2 (current text status)
Provisions of the 29/2020. (IV. 23.) Presidential Committee to Deadlines and Procedures Regarding Thesis Submission in Academic Year 2019/2020 – Annex 1
Provisions of the 29/2020. (IV. 23.) Presidential Committee to Deadlines and Procedures Regarding Thesis Submission in Academic Year 2019/2020 – current text status
How to submit
Your thesis work will have to be submitted in the2019/2020/2 semester exclusively electronically by uploading it to the Moodlesystem.

Students who submit their thesis in May 2020 areallowed to submit it only if the thesis is first uploaded to Moodle’s URKUNDsystem.
The Urkund Student Guide can be found on the NeptunStudent Login page.

Master’s Degree Programs: 19/05/2020 (Tuesday) 3p.m.
Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 18/05/2020 (Monday) 2p.m.

After these periods, the thesis work cannot besubmitted. Those students who do not upload their thesis by the given deadlinecannot be admitted to the final exam in the 2019/2020 academic year’s springsemester final examination period.

Statement on the Originality
Place: Following the internal title of the thesis(before the Table of Contents)
Students submitting their thesis must declare that itis the result of their own work.

Statement on Publicity
Students must declare that the contents of theirthesis  can be accessible to the publicfrom the University Library’s website.
Place: Following the Statement on the Originality

The Annexes above have to be signed and scanned before uploading!

Supervisor’s Declaration
For attaching the Supervisor’s Declaration to the thesis work, you should follow the regulations of the Provision of the Presidential Committee (see above).

Preliminary information on the final examperiod


Bachelor’s Degree Programs: June 22-26, 2020.
Master’s Degree Programs: June 29, 2020 – July 03,2020
The exam period for students taking thefinal exam in June is 4 weeks: May 18 – June 13, 2020.
You have to accomplish all your missing exams duringthat period and the exam grades have to be registered on Neptun by June 15,2020 to be eligible for the final exam.
You may also accomplish your missingexams during the regular exam period (ending June 20, 2020). In that case, you willhave to sit for you final exam in  January2021.

How to apply?
If you wish to submit your thesis in May2020, you have to fill in an application for final exam in the Moodle system.
If you have already submitted yourthesis in an earlier semester either in Moodle or in printed version, you haveto apply for the final exam in Neptun.
If you have any trouble with yourCusman name or Neptun password please contact  your coordinator.

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