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Department of Management Control

The work of the Department of Management Control focuses on the phenomenon of organisational control in its contents. It researches and teaches the related features, determining factors, process, tools, formal organisational reactions, and the impacts on players. Within that, key research areas represented by our colleagues are. controlling of public service, public administration and health organisations; non-profit controlling; metering and evaluating non-materialised resources; behaviour aspects of control, controller roles, value-oriented management, integration of organisational indicator systems.

The teaching activities of the department take place at various specialisations of the bachelor’s programme, at a number of master’s programmes (in both full-time and part-time training), and in the MBA and management training. We think that joining international research programmes and regularly visiting the leading conferences of our profession remain important. Besides, however, we wish to support and encourage dialogues among the increased number of domestic controlling workshops and training points, to bring people working in the same areas closer to each other, and to strengthen academic discourse with our own research at the department. Apart from university and college relations, we think it is important to deliberately develop cooperation with leading consulting organisations. 

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