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Statistics and international organizations


Data from the Statistical office of the EU.


Statistical data from 1997 provided by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. Data are also available in English.

UN Comtrade

International trade statistics from 1962. Visualization is supported by UN Comtrade Labs-function.

UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Statistical database about Europe, North-America, Central Asia. It contains economic data, country profiles, country ranking, population and gender data, etc.

IMD World Competitiveness Online

Unique and comprehensive database on the competitiveness of nations from 1989.

IMF eLibrary and Datasets Szuperkereső alatt elérhető jelzés

Access to IMF documents (books, journals, reports, etc.) and all datasets in the field of macroeconomics, globalization, demography, financial integration, trade, etc.

OECD iLibrary Szuperkereső alatt elérhető jelzés

Access to OECD-publications (books, journals, statistics) and datasets.

Statista – Business Suite (EISZ)

This statistics portal provides access to quantitative data of different sectors (media, business, financials, politics etc.) The linked Business Suite-platform simplifies the search process and let users to create statistics for their individual needs. eCommerce database is also available from Insights/Explore eCommerce, to activate is click on University access in the upper black lane.

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