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Financial databases, databanks


The Bloomberg database offers financial data: real-time prices, fundamental data, graphical applications, financial-analysis tools and news from their own news agency and other providers. Data appear with 15-minutes delay. It contains also historical data. The university provides 16 double-screened Bloomberg terminals that are located in Library/FinLab (12) and in Sóház (4).

Bloomberg-terminals can be booked for individual research through Moodle, after logging-in find the application in the right lane:

Besides regular classes, other occasional individual timeslots are also bookable in Moodle.

KRTK Databank (KRTK-Adatbank)

The Databank of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK Adatbank) offers access to their micro-level databases to support empirical research in Corvinus. Available databases are:

  • Admin2 database: linked administrative data, 2003-2011
  • Admin3: linked administrative data, 2003-2017
  • TSTAR: municipality level data, 2000-2020
  • KIRSTAT public education, 2001-2020
  • MTA-GEO: census tracts and their transport connections, 2011 (2015)
  • NAV-SZJA: NAV income tax returns 2019-2021

More detailed information about the databases’ content is available here.

To use the database sumit a research plan using the form below. Fill it in, sign it and send it to KRTK_adathozzaferes@uni-corvinus.huThe research plan will be evaluated by the University. If accepted, potential users will receive other necessary forms (Researcher profile, Statement of liability) to be filled in. The whole package will be forwarded to KRTK.

Usage is restricted for Corvinus Faculty/Researchers, Corvinus Students (under the supervision of a Corvinus Faculty member). Application form

PULVITA Healthcare Databank combines the most important health information sources from Hungary. Data are collected from the following institutions: NEAK (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary), KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) and OTH (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service.) To use the databank pre-registration is necessary, it can be done at the opening page of the database. For the pre-registration use your institutional e-mail address (@uni-corvinus.hu). After filling in the online pre-registration form, applicants get an e-mail with the registration form in it. Fill and sign this form and send it to pulzusreg@okfo.gov.hu (documents are available only in Hungarian).

Refinitiv Workspace for Students (Eikon+Datastream) 

The database offers company specific and market information for more than 60,000 international corporations. Eikon includes a huge range of financial ratios, the whole stock market, fixed income securities (market movements, research, analysis and settlement bundled in one location), detailed information on money and foreign exchange markets in conjunction with customised analysis tools. Much of the data can comfortably be downloaded through Eikon Excel. For more information please turn to Zsolt Lakatos (Department of Finance – zsolt.lakatos@uni-corvinus.hu).

The database can be accessed remotely.

Besides Workspace database, Datastream and Securitised Derivatives Network (SDN) are also available. For further details about their content see Guides below.


To get access submit the form. Service is restricted for Corvinus community.

If you find currently unavailable data in the database inform us using szolg@uni-corvinus.hu e-mail. Requests will be forwarded to our company representative.

Virtuális oktatási eszköz, mely valós árakkal szimulálja a tőzsdei portfóliókezelést, elővételi jogot, StockTrak is a virtual trading platform that simulates managing a portfolio by buying and selling stocks at real-time prices.
Usage is restricted for Corvinus community, in site or remotely. To access the platform click here.
Registration for students is only possible if their lecturer has already created a trading session with all their trading parameters and the link is shared with students.
Technical support: Thomas Reti treti@stocktrak.com

wiiw – New!

The wiiw Annual database contains key macroeconomic and structural indicators for 23 CESEE countries are compiled on an annual basis with regular updates. Most of the time series start in 1989, for some countries go even back in the 1960s.

The wiiw Monthly database contains leading economic indicators for 23 CESEE countries. Time series usually start in 1990/91.

The wiiw FDI Database contains time series on FDI inflows and outflows by partner country and by activity for 23 CESEE countries. This data allows to generate country-, and industry-specific FDI profiles. The time series are updated twice a year and start from 1990 onward.

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