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Databases S

Full-text journal database from SAGE Publisher. The university subscribes to the Social Sciences Collection which contains more than 1000 high-quality scholarly journals.

This database supports research by providing materials to guide users through the research process. It contains different document types (books, reference works, journal articles) and some unique tools, e.g. Methods Map, Project Planner, etc.

Full-text multidisciplinary journal collection tailored for the EISZ-consortium. Freedom collection (about 2500 titles) gives access to the current and four previous years of content, representing all fields of science.

SciVal (EISZ)

Analytical platform of Scopus database. SciVal requires registration, to do this easily pls. follow these steps:

  1. Start from Scopus
  2. Create an account in Scopus. This ID can be used in all subscribed Elsevier products  (Scopus, ScienceDirect, SciVal).
  3. After the registration is ready, click on Scival.com from the upper lane.

Scopus (EISZ) Szuperkereső alatt elérhető jelzés

Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed scholarly literature (journals, book series, conference materials). It indexes all fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities. It is worth using primarily for checking citations and the position of researchers and institutions in the given field. SciVal, the analytical platform of Scopus is also available.

Access problems and solutions

1. Only Scopus Preview platform is visible: VPN-connection is inactive, even though the computer shows it as active. For testing, do the following:

o Make a search through SuperSearch. If you find the following text at the top of the result list ’Welcome, Guest. Please use VPN or visit the library’ then you are not in Corvinus Network. Try connecting again. Additionally, deleting cookies related to Scopus might also be useful.

2. Laptops provided by the University uses Cisco AnyConnect, that currently does not provide access to our databases. Troubleshooting is on. An alternative way of access is:

o Click on Sign-in, enter your Corvinus e-mail address, choose Sign-in with a one-time link – option. You will receive an e-mail, click the link in it, it will activate your access.

Pre-defined full-text ebook-collections from Springer publisher. Our subscription contains Economics and Finance 2017-2019, Behavioral Science and Psychology 2017, Political Science and International Studies 2017-2019.

Full-text journal database from the Publisher. It is a multidisciplinary database, relevant subjects for our university are: Business and Management, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Political Science and International Relations, Social Sciences etc. Journals are accessible from 1997.

Statista – Business Suite (EISZ)

This statistics portal provides access to quantitative data of different sectors (media, business, financials, politics etc.) The linked Business Suite-platform simplifies the search process and let users to create statistics for their individual needs. eCommerce database is also available from Insights/Explore eCommerce, to activate is click on University access in the upper black lane.

StockTrak is a virtual trading platform that simulates managing a portfolio by buying and selling stocks at real-time prices.
Usage is restricted for Corvinus community, in site or remotely. To access the platform click here.
Registration for students is only possible if their lecturer has already created a trading session with all their trading parameters and the link is shared with students.
Technical support: Thomas Reti treti@stocktrak.com

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