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Current training sessions

The Library is currently offering the following training sessions.

Here is what’s on offer this week. For the desciption of each session, see the accordion below.

27 March, Monday28 March, Tuesday29 March, Wednesday30 March, Thursday31 March, Friday
10:00-11:00Research methodology 10:00
11:00-12:00Let’s write together! 11:00Research methodology 11:00
13:00-14:00Help 13:00
Scholarly literature wanted 13:40
Ctrl C Ctrl V 13:40
15:00-16:00Zotero for beginners 15:30References training 15:30
16:00-17:00Artificial intelligence on Campus 16:00

The Library’s training sessions and consultations, all in one place

Training sessions

TrainingTarget groupFurther information, registration
Thesis Writing Training I: SourcesBA/MA students
Thesis Writing Training II: ReferencesBA/MA students
Scholarly literature wantedBA/MA students
Similarity check for studentsBA/MA/PhD students
“Ctrl c- Ctrl v” – Plagiarism, references – for BA studentsBA students
Zotero for beginnersBA/MA students
Zotero advancedBA/MA/PhD students
How to write an academic essayBA/MA students
Artificial Intelligence on CampusBA/MA/PhD students

Consultation sessions

ConsultationTarget groupFurther information, registration
Help – in scholarly literature, anti-plagiarism, referencesBA/MA students
Research methodology consultations onlineMA/PhD students/TDK/other
Zotero hands-on consultationBA/MA/PhD students
Let’s write together! – consultationBA/MA students

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