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Consultation for writers

Full-scope guidance for writers, recommendation

  • Creating a complete guide for authors which will help them turn their manuscript into a real book.
  • Consultation for writers from idea to completion. Establishing a self-publishing service which will efficiently assist authors-to-be in the world of publishers, so they can guide the course of their own work.


We offer help with proofreading, text editing, spell-check, grammar and punctuation. We also revise texts from the aspect of language and style, eliminating repetitions and improving sentence structure. We can suggest possible corrections of content.

Additional services:

  • cover design
  • page-setting
  • image editing
  • e-book creation/conversion

Book your personal consultation session by email: krisztina.szekely@uni-corvinus.hu

Guidance for writers

We offer professional help

Writing is one of the most ancient and common forms of self-expression. Many feel the affinity, and therewith the motivation, the impulse for writing.
If you are one of the many who have a manuscript hidden at the bottom of their drawer or on their computer, but don’t know how to get it published…
If you would like your work to be revised by a skilled professional…
If you would like to attach a professional evaluation to your manuscript when you submit it at a publisher…
If you would like to find your way in the world of publishers…
All you have to do is book a personal consultation session or ask for professional proof-reading.
Invest in yourself, get yourself up-to-date and face some challenges before you join the competition.

Personal consultation sessionsProfessional proofreading
If you prefer one-on-one consultations, we offer individual discussions where we can look at the process of book publication and distribution together.You have finished a manuscript and now you would like to have the opinion of an acknowledged professional?
Proofreading or revision – be it for texts of science or fiction – adds value to your work.
If a well-known professional’s name is featured in your manuscript, if you can enclose the opinion of an acknowledged professional to your synopsis when submitting it to the publisher – your chances will increase significantly.

You can book a personal consultation session or ask for professional copyediting by sending an email to krisztina.szekely@uni-corvinus.hu.

Self-publishing, or managing one’s own book

If you’ve had enough of publishers with untraceable standards, who turn down your work seeing no financial potential in it…
If you are working on a topic that might not get much publicity, yet represents important values…

then self-publishing is for you!

Choose the option most suitable for you, or turn to us for personal consultation.

E-book FREE from PDF file ready to printIf your completed manuscript
* has already been edited and reviewed,
* has been cleared of spelling mistakes and typos,
* a skilled graphic designer has created the PDF version ready for print and
it only needs a publisher…
make use of our consultation service, so you can have a book of your own!
E-book FULL ‒ from a typed manuscriptIf you feel like the time has come for your manuscript to finally become a real book, but right now you only have a manuscript in word format… turn to us, so your typewritten manuscript can be turned into a book!
Print PLUSZ ‒ for those who love the scent of paperA real book is printed, and it smells like a book. If you would like your book to be published in print as well, ask us for help and we will tell you how your e-book can become a printed publication.
E-book FULLWe only have to scan the manuscript, and the work can begin! Within 3 months the book is done.

* publisher’s review of manuscript
* text formatting
* editing
* creating 2 inside pages and a typography sample
* layout
* proofreading
* cover design with 2 versions
* book summary
* publishing e-book from material ready to print, publication in the university repository

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