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Successful EFMD re-accreditation at Corvinus

2024-06-28 09:42:00

Corvinus’s English-language Business and Management programme has been awarded the prestigious international accreditation for an additional 5 years.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The EFMD Programme Accreditation Committee voted on 18 June 2024 to reaccredit the Business and Management bachelor programme for another 5 years. The English language programme was accredited for the first time in 2009 and has now been awarded the prestigious recognition for the fourth time.   

The sustained EFMD accreditation of the Business and Management programme since 2009 illustrates Corvinus’ unwavering commitment to maintaining this programme as a flagship offering. In recent years, we have renewed all the programmes in our undergraduate portfolio. The EFMD recognition is a positive endorsement of this change process, confirming that we are moving into the right direction with the transformation of our programmes.

-said Dr Richárd Szántó, Dean of Undergraduate Programmes. 

The EFMD programme accreditation is a globally recognised quality assurance system for business and management education. The accreditation system serves as a hallmark of academic quality, attesting to an institution’s dedication to delivering impactful and innovative business education, thereby attracting top talent and facilitating meaningful partnerships with industry stakeholders. 

The EFMD grants certification for either three or five years, and a five-year accreditation signifies that our programme meets international standards at a high level. The peer-review committee, composed of deans and experts from international peer institutions, positively assessed Corvinus’s progress over the past few years facilitated by a new, flexible environment and a financially secure foundation. They highlighted that Corvinus attracts excellent students, maintains close links with the business community, and provides its students with high-quality qualifications that stand out both nationally and regionally. The renewed Business and Management programme strikes an optimal balance between theoretical and practical education, as evidenced by excellent national and international job placement indicators. Analysis of graduate employment shows that 27% of its graduates work in an international environment in Hungary, while 45% are employed abroad. The programme effectively prepares graduates for leadership roles, with 39% advancing to management positions after 11-12 years of experience, and 22% progressing to director and senior management levels. 

The successful EFMD programme accreditation demonstrates the commitment of Corvinus colleagues to deliver high-quality education in both content and methodology. Their capability for continuous improvement is evident, as the curriculum has been revised and updated three times since 2009 to ensure our students acquire current knowledge and skills. Our accreditation also confirms the international competitiveness of our programme.

-emphasized Dr Judit Nagy, the director of the accredited degree programme. 

The preparation for accreditation took several months, involving nearly 100 colleagues and external partners.  

We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of all participants throughout the process! 

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