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Publication services


The Library of Corvinus University of Budapest provides the full-scope arrangement of university publications for both printed and electronic material. Each work intended for publication has to be sent to the coordinator in charge of publications (krisztina.szekely@uni-corvinus.hu) who will read through and check the submitted manuscript to make sure it meets the criteria for publication. Next, some feedback is provided, and the work is recommended for publication. In every case, the university will own the publishing rights, and the individual responsible for publication will be the rector of the university. The publication of any work representing the university can only be consented by the rector. The university’s publication procedure extends to ISBN, ISSN, DOI registration as well. Only the publisher is entitled to acquire these codes. Every work published by the university has to be uploaded into the Corvinus Research repository together with the relevant rights, which is necessary for archiving and the university’s further services.

University journal platform (Open Journal System – OJS)

The Open Journal System – OJS (journal publishing system) operated by the Library is a free, open source editorial platform. Besides supporting editorial work, it can also function as a home page for journals published by the university. Further information: szolg@uni-corvinus.hu or +36 1 482-7001.

Institutional repository (Corvinus Research)

Institutional respositories greatly promote the visibility of scientific publications. The institutional repository of Corvinus University of Budapest is called Corvinus Research. This is a collection of scientific publications by faculty members and researchers. There are two possible procedures to upload works there:

  • Via MTMT.
    In the case of items featured in MTMT there is a possibility to upload the full text files into the repository (articles, books, book chapters, other conference lectures, etc.).
  • Upload by a librarian.
    When requested, the library staff also helps with the upload.
    Contact: szolg@uni-corvinus.hu

Our Library is a member of several professional organizations working with repositories (HUNOR, COAR, Nereus). Publications within the Corvinus Research collection are accessible on various scientific platforms, such as Google Scholar, EconBiz, BASE, Baidu Scholar and CORE.

The Corvinus Research collection is a repository qualified by MTMT. By uploading into the database, it is possible to fulfil the open access obligation required by OpenAIRE, OTKA, NKFIH and other research supporting organizations. 

The repositorium has been granted the title Registered Research Infrastructure within the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

More information is available about the advantages and background of open access on the  HUNOR open access website.


Digital Object Identifier – a code that identifies individual digital publications from the beginning of their completion (typically articles, less frequently monographs or studies published in volumes).

At Corvinus University, for scientific publications issued by faculties, departments, or institutions (especially for the university journals) DOI can be acquired through the Library. More information: szolg@uni-corvinus.hu or +36 1 482-7001.


International Standard Book Number – the individual international identifier of books, monographs. In Hungary, ISBN numbers are issued by the National Széchényi Library. Our Library offers the full-scope acquisition of ISBN numbers for works published at Corvinus University of Budapest. Further information: krisztina.szekely@uni-corvinus.hu or +36 1 482-7012.


International Standard Serial Number – an individual international identifier of journals and series. In Hungary, ISSN numbers are issued by the national Széchényi Library. Our Library offers the full-scope acquisition of ISSN numbers for journals and series published at Corvinus University of Budapest. Further information: krisztina.szekely@uni-corvinus.hu or +36 1 482-7012.

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