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Research Data Management Services

A new service offered by the University Library is research data management advice for professors, researchers, undergraduate and PhD students. The new service includes consultation, training, developing an institution-wide FAIR data management policy and strategy, awareness rising and support for FAIR data sharing, data reuse and data archiving.

Our services include:

  • providing consultation, training on research data management at any stage of the research,
  • providing consultation on personal data protection, anonymisation of data during research and data collection,
  • help in applying the FAIR data management guidelines,
  • assistance in solving practical problems e.g., developing a data management plan and the use of open-source tools and programmes available online,
  • information on security, storage and preservation of research data, choosing appropriate data repositories,
  • options related to re-use of data (repositories, copyright issues, licencing, etc.).

Our activities so far:

Recommendations for Research Data Management (RDM), which can be found on the University’s website. This document will be continuously updated with the latest Open Science, Open Access information to help researchers as much as possible.

An on-line questionnaire has been launched among the University’s professors, researchers and PhD students to understand and survey their knowledge on research data management. It also helps us clarify and assess their needs and expectations regarding our library’s data management services. Based on the results of our questionnaire, hopefully we can build data-driven services and an evidence-based data management policy. (Deadline for the questionnaire: 30 December, 2021)

In the future, in addition to consultations, we would also like to run a course or offer lectures on data management included in the curriculum of the PhD course.

Contact details of the Research Data Steward:

Name: Erika Kurucz
Address: 1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 4-6., Building C., Room 334.
E-mail: erika.kurucz@uni-corvinus.hu
Phone: +36-1-482-7008

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