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America – Erasmus report

The general image created about the United States by movies makes a lot of people want to visit the States one day. Bence Hevér, attending the Commerce and Marketing programme, has already fulfilled this dream, and we talked to him about his experiences of studying at another higher education institution in the USA.

Title: Thematic diversity continues to be a hallmark of the CIAS International Workshops

The 10th anniversary CIAS International Workshop was held on 18 April 2024, and for the first time at the new Gellért Campus, which was sincerely appreciated by international colleagues.

The Mediatized EU meeting has taken place at the Corvinus University

The ongoing Mediatized EU (Horizon 2020 research project) with the participation of the Empirical Social Research Centre held a workshop on 12 April.

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On the way to senior leadership – how can a mentor help you achieve your goal?

Edit Bartha and Péter Verebélyi were colleagues for many years at a multinational company. Edit applied for admission to the Corvinus Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme on Péter’s advice, and Peter continued to be her mentor throughout her studies. When should you recommend EMBA training to a mentored colleague, what aspects should you consider when choosing from the programmes available on the market, and how can a mentor support the mentee in completing the programme leading to senior management positions? These were some of the questions we discussed with Edit and Péter.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus team wins bronze medal in Germany

The Corvinus University of Budapest team came third in the international case competition in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany. Our students were even ahead of the Technical University of Munich and the Vienna Wirtschaft University.

Corvinus University of Budapest

SOTE Cup swimming competition, University swimming competition

This semester, the swimming team of Corvinus University of Budapest competed for the first time at the 1st Semmelweis International Short Course Swimming Cup. The invitation to the competition gave us the opportunity to represent the University in an otherwise Senior swimming competition, and we hope it will become a tradition.

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