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The database offers company specific and market information for more than 60,000 international corporations. Eikon includes a huge range of financial ratios, the whole stock market, fixed income securities (market movements, research, analysis and settlement bundled in one location), detailed information on money and foreign exchange markets in conjunction with customised analysis tools. Much of the data can comfortably be downloaded through Eikon Excel. For more information please turn to Zsolt Lakatos (Department of Finance – zsolt.lakatos@uni-corvinus.hu).

The database can be accessed remotely.

Besides Workspace database, Datastream and Securitised Derivatives Network (SDN) are also available. For further details about their content see Guides below..


To get access submit the form. Service is restricted for Corvinus community.

If you find currently unavailable data in the database inform us using szolg@uni-corvinus.hu  e-mail. Requests will be forwarded to our company representative.

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