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In 2020 thetuition in the Fall semester starts on 7 September 2020. The week before thisdate is the orientation week, therefore it would be wise to arrive at the veryend of August or very beginning of September. 

The last possible registrationdate in the study program coordinator’s office is 5 October 2020. Unfortunatelywe can’t accept you as a student if you arrive after this date.

1.    Public transport

a)     Bus 200E stops atthe airport every 7-10 minutes. It takes you to Kőbánya-Kispest metro station. Fromhere you can travel to the city center with metro replacement bus (metro line 3is under renovation). At the airport you can buy a transfer ticket at one ofthe vending machines for about 2,50,-EUR. You will get two tickets. Validatethe one with nr. 1 on the bus at one of the machines and then validate the onewith nr. 2 at the entrance of the metro. You can use your debit/credit cardwhen you buy the tickets.

b)     Bus 100E stops atthe airport every 30 minutes. It takes you directly to the city center. Asingle bus ticket is about 3,-EUR.

2.    Taxi

You can take a taxi at the airport. The officialtaxi company of the airport is Főtaxi. They have a booth in front of thearrival terminal. It is a good and reliable company and the ride to the citycenter is about 30,-EUR.

3.    Airport shuttle

One ride tothe city center is about 16,-EUR/person.

Change somemoney at the airport as debit/credit cards and foreign currencies are notacceptable on the bus and metro. Don’t change too much though as the exchangerates are not very customer friendly at the airport. The taxi and shuttlecompanies may accept debit/credit cards.

Pleasenote that the scholarship program doesn’t cover your flight ticket and airporttransfer.   

You get amentor in August, who helps your integration in the everyday life in Hungary.You will get information on the mentor program in August.

  • registration at your study coordinator’s office
  • registration in the Stipendium Hungaricum office
  • application for the residence permit at the “Immigration and Asylum Office” if you don’t travel with a D visa
  • opening a Hungarian bank account
  • requesting a tax number
  • getting a student id code

You canfulfill these tasks in any order. Check the following question for the answers on the how to do these tasks.

Your study program coordinator will send you information on this via e-mail at the end of August. This registration must be done only at the beginning of the first semester of your studies. Your study coordinator will send you the exact details of this registration in August.    

Registration in the SH office is a must at the beginning of each semester.The SH office will send you information on this via e-mail twice a year, at theend of August and at the end of December. Please note that you have to signyour scholarship agreement in your first year at the first visit and no scholarship transfer can be done withouta signed scholarship agreement.

You must have avalid residence permit allowing you to study in Hungary during the whole periodof your studies.

There aretwo possible scenarios.

1.      You are entering the Schengen Area with a D-visa and a Non-EU/EEA passport.

2.      You are entering the Schengen Area as a tourist and without a visa – Non-EU/EEApassport.

Please check the Survival Guide for further details.

You have to have a Hungarian HUF account in any bank in Hungary in order toget any kind of payment eg. scholarship, accommodation money etc. from theuniversity. The branches of the big banks near the university (the followingsare rather examples and most students have accounts in these banks) are:

CIB Bank: 1094Budapest, Ferenc körút 15.

Erste Bank: 1082Budapest, Baross utca 1-3.

K&HBank: 1053Budapest, Kálvin tér 3.

OTP Bank: 1085Budapest, Kálvin tér 12-13.

Please send your bank account number to your CUB study program coordinator,who will register it in Neptun. Please note that the scholarshiptransfer is not possible if your bank account is not registered in Neptun!!!

Please visit the tax office near the university.Only your passport is needed for the tax id application.

Address: 1097 Budapest, Vaskapu u. 33-35., Website

Office hours

Mon 08.30-18.00, Tue 08.30-12.00, Wed 08.30-18.00, Thu 08.30-12.00, Fri 08.30-11.30

The card will be sent to you several months after the application, but youget the number immediately when youapply for it.

Please send your tax id number to your study program coordinator, who willregister it in Neptun. Please note that the scholarship transfer is notpossible if your tax number is not registered in Neptun!!!

You have to visit the DocumentRegistering Office (Okmányiroda in Hungarian), where you have to sign theapplication form and your photo will be taken. You have to identify yourself withyour passport.

Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 2-3.

You will receive a NEK-code that you must register in NEPTUN system.

Steps of the registration

1.     Go toNeptun/Administration/Student card request/click on “Add new”.

2.     Register yourNEK code (right side of the NEK paper, numbers and letters only).

3.     Choose: Firstapplication

4.     Confirm yourpermanent address and save.

You can get a temporary student card from your study program coordinatoruntil you get the permanent plastic card, which takes about 2-4 months. Pleasenote that the temporary student card is valid only for 60 days and you must askfor another one if you don’t get your permanent id during this period.

When you receive your permanent student card, please have it validated by picking up a sticker at your studyprogram coordinator’s office. The permanent card is NOT valid without a stickerand it must be validated each semester.

Steps that lead to your firstscholarship transfer. These can be done in a different order of course.

1. In September,at the beginning of your first semester you sign the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship agreement during the scholarship registration. This must bedone only once.

2. You register for the scholarship in person during theEnrollment/Registration week. In the firstsemester identifying yourself with your passport, later either with yourpassport or with your residence permit. Thisregistration must be done at the beginning of each active semester until theend of your active student status. The SH office sends you a reminder on thisin August and in December.

3. You apply fora tax id and your tax id is registered in Neptun.

4. You open aHUF account in a Hungarian bank and your bank account number is registered inNeptun.

5. You activateyour student status in Neptun.

The firstscholarship and accommodation contribution (if applicable) transfer will bedone only if all of the above are fulfilled.

If you are afirst-year student you have a chance to get the first scholarship in Octoberbut only if you activate your Neptun by 10 September at the latest and yourbank account and tax numbers are registered in Neptun by 25 September at thelatest.

 Registration in person for the scholarship is a must at the beginning of each semester. Please note that due totechnical issues we are not be able to transfer any scholarship andaccommodation contribution in September and in February.

Youreceive the September and October amounts due to you in a singleinstallment in October and the February and March amounts due to you in a single installment inMarch.

IMPORTANT:the October and March scholarship amounts (and anyfurther amounts due to you in the course of the Fall and Spring semesters) willbe transferred ONLY IF you register for the scholarship in person during theEnrollment/Registration week and you activate your Neptun status by the 10th of September/February at thelatest.

Shouldyou miss these deadlines for any reason whatsoever, yourscholarship transfer will be delayed by a month and you will get the firsttransfer (including the September, October, November amounts) only in November/(including the February, March, April amounts) only in April. After the first instalmentof each semester, you get the scholarship at the beginning of each month, bythe 15th of the given month.

According to the Stipendium Hungaricum Rulesand Regulations you are entitled to get a dormitory place depending on thecapacity of the university OR 40.000,-HUF accommodation contribution per monthuntil the end of your active student status. However Corvinus also has adormitory rule for SH students. “(6) For students participating in theStipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme (hereinafter “SH students”), up to110 places can be distributed in the Kinizsi Dormitory and the TarkarétiDormitory each (altogether 220). The basic principles of place distribution areas follows:

a) The altogether 220 places must bedistributed among first-year (newly admitted) and PhD (newly admitted andsenior) SH students in the order of arrival of their application.

b) If from among the first-year and PhD SHstudents the number of students applying for a dormitory place does not reachthe altogether 220 places available, the remaining places can be distributedamong the senior SH students applying for a dormitory place. In this case, theplaces are distributed among the senior SH students having the best scholarshipaverage of grades. If the averages of grades are equal, the SH student havingsubmitted his application first should be granted the dormitory place.”

The SH office will send you the dormitoryapplication link at the end of July 2020. Please note that application doesn’tmean acceptance. We can’t promise you a dormitory place for sure. Theapplication result will come out at the end of August 2020. The dormitory managers will inform you via e-mail about the result of your application. In the infoletter you will get a dormitory welcome letter (only if you get a place) thatyou must read very carefully. Moving in is possible only on 06.09.2020 (orlater if you don’t arrive by that date) but not before. However we can’tguarantee that you get a place in the dormitory you choose. You may get a placeonly in the other one or in none of them at all.

We have two dormitories where you can stay.Both buildings have been partially renovated, but not all the rooms arerenovated. Please note that we can’t guarantee that you get a renovated room ifyou get a dormitory place.


Please apply for the dormitory only if youaccept the following rules:

• The dormitories accept male and femalestudents as well. Genders are not mixed in the rooms, but the common areas aremixed and there can be a male room next to a female room. This is totallycommon and accepted in Hungary.

• You cannot request to be placed or notplaced in the same room with a person of a certain nationality. The roomdistribution is done by the dormitory manager before your arrival in Budapest.

• You cannot ask to be placed or not placed inthe same room with someone of a given religion. You have decided to live in aforeign country. Part of this experience is to achieve cultural understanding,e.g. acceptance of the fact that someone may have a culture and religiondifferent from yours. Everyone is, of course, allowed to practice theirreligion, but, at the same time all are expected to respect the customs andreligion of others.

In case of any problems or disagreements, youmust accept the decision of the dormitory manager.

You get thefollowing amount of money each month in the framework of the StipendiumHungaricum scholarship program. This amount will NOT cover all your needs as this is onlya contribution. You can check below how much money you actually need to liveon.

BA/BSc and MA/MSc students

– 43.700,-HUF scholarship plus 40.000,-HUF accommodationcontribution per month if you don’t stay in the dormitory. Please note, thatyou don’t get any accommodation contribution if you live in the dormitory. All in all you get either 43.700,-HUF or 83.700,-HUFper month depending where you live.

PhD students

– In the 1stand 2nd year of yourstudies – 140.000,-HUF scholarship plus 40.000,-HUF accommodation contribution permonth if you don’t stay in the dormitory. Please note, that you don’t get anyaccommodation contribution if you stay in the dormitory. All in all you get either 140.000,-HUF or 180.000,-HUF per month.

– In the 3rdand 4th year of yourstudies – 180.000,-HUF scholarship plus 40.000,-HUF accommodation contributionif you don’t stay in the dormitory. Please note, that you don’t get anyaccommodation contribution if you stay in the dormitory. All in all you get either 180.000,-HUF or 220.000,-HUF per month.

If you stayin the dormitory, which is paid by thescholarship program, you will need about 100.000-150.000,-HUF/monthbased on your needs.

If you rent aroom, you will need the same amount to live on plus the rent.Renting one room costs about 85.000-100.000,-HUF/month+ utility (25.000-30.000,-HUF). All in all you will need about 210.000-280.000,-HUF/monthand again based on your needs.

In the first month you will probably spend more moneyas you have to buy some basic things.

You are entitled to the following two healthinsurances for free of charge. 

1.  Hungarian social security card called TAJ card (Social Security Card)

2. Private insurance with insurance company UNIQA

For more information on the two insurances please check the document below.
TAJ card vs UNIQA
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