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Postponement and Cancellation of an examination

Postponing an examination

If an examinee is not able to come for an examination at thetime appointed, it is possible to request postponement. The postponementrequest deadline is updated for each examination period on the LanguageExamination Centre website.   Request is initiated by filling in a postponement request form  and transferring the fee of HUF5.000 . The request form and the receipt certifying payment should be sentto a nyelvvizsga@uni-corvinus.huby the deadline.
A request to postpone theexamination is always accepted (unless the request claims to postpone anexamination already postponed).  
Postponed exams have to be taken in the next exam period.Postponement may only be requested once. Postponed exams may not be taken inthe same exam period.

Cancellation of an examination

 a) Before the deadline of signing up forlanguage examinations in a particular exam period, examinees may cancelexaminations online, unless they have already been activated. Examinees who didnot pay the examination fee before cancellation have nothing else to do.

b) If the examination fee has already been transferred butthe signup for the examination has not been activated yet, examinees may cancelonline before the deadline. Examinees will need to download and fill in a form(menu: „downloadable forms”, title: „reclaim examination fee”) in 3 weeks afterthe deadline expires to have their examination fees refunded.

c) Once activated, signing up cannot be cancelled online,however, examinees can download and send us a form (menu: „downloadable forms”,title „cancellation form”) by the deadline of signing up for a languageexamination in the upcoming exam period.

d) Forms need to be sent to cancelling their examinations will get a full refund of theexamination fee decreased with the sum of the extra service fee. Cancellationmay only concern examinations in the current exam period – exam parts andpostponed examinations can’t be cancelled. Beyond the deadlines disclosed above, cancellation requests are sent toFinances for further administration, so please mind that a cancellationstatement can’t be  revoked.

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