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University of Palermo

Palermo attracts students not only with its pleasant weather, palm trees and coastline but also with its great university, located in the heart of the historic city center. University of Palermo is one of the European centers for dynamic systems modeling, offering students unique and valuable knowledge.

In case of questions please write to double.degree@uni-corvinus.hu!

Conditions for participation

First-year students of the Public Policy and Management training in Hungarian and English can apply for the program.

Program features

How many students can participate per year? 5

Which semester is spent at the partner? 4th semester

Number of credits to be completed at the partner: 30 ECTS


  • in English, according to the rules of the sending university
  • the topic must be approved by both universities
  • 1 consultant each from both universities

Thesis defense and final exam: joint

Title of second degree: Public Management (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze delle Amministrazioni e delle Organizzazioni complesse)

Scholarship opportunity: Erasmus +

Students’ testimonials

The Double Degree program I took part in was with the University of Palermo, in Sicily. While the opportunity of having 2 degrees was also tempting, the city itself was also an important factor. Palermo is the largest city in Sicily, with a vibrant and charming city center, with beautiful natural surroundings and great weather. Also, unlike most of the other Erasmus destinations, Palermo is quite cheap. All in all, it was a great experience. The university courses were good, but not extremely challenging, therefore I had time to travel and also to have many guests. People in general are very welcoming, and although it’s not the most popular Erasmus choice, there is a fairly big group of exchange students and ESN events very frequently.

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