Széchenyi 2020
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University of Palermo

Palermo has not just lovely warm weather all around the year, with palm trees and seashore, but also an excellent university in the middle of the historical city centre. The University of Palermo is a leading European centre of Dynamic System Modelling in Public Sector Management and offers a unique and valuable knowledge in this field.
The double degree programme is available for the maximum number of 5 students per year. Two completed semesters are a prerequisite to participation in the programme. A student is required to spend one semester in Palermo, where 30 ECTS are to be completed. Corvinus students have the exchange during their last semester (spring semester of the 2nd year).

The following courses are offered by the University of Palermo for the exchange semester:
  • Planning and Control Systems (10 ECTS);
  • Performance Management in the Public Sector (12 ECTS);
  • Elective course(s) (8 credits).
  • In addition to these, Thesis Seminar II. (9 ECTS) needs to be completed at Corvinus.
Information on administrative requirements, accommodation, etc. is provided by the host university before arrival. Corvinus students are offered the same conditions and services as those available for local students. No additional registration or tuition fees apply, however other costs (travel, accommodation, insurance, services) must be financed by the students themselves. Erasmus and other funding frameworks may be available.
Students who participate in this this double degree program, need to write their master thesis in English, under the supervision of two supervisors from the partner universities, and defend before a joint committee. The issues related with the thesis are administrated by the home university.

For more information and deatils please write to!  
Bartha Attila
E épület, 246.1
Phone: +36 1 482 5093 • Ext: 5093
The Double Degree program I took part in was with the University of Palermo, in Sicily. While the opportunity of having 2 degrees was also tempting, the city itself was also an important factor. Palermo is the largest city in Sicily, with a vibrant and charming city center, with beautiful natural surroundings and great weather. Also, unlike most of the other Erasmus destinations, Palermo is quite cheap. All in all, it was a great experience. The university courses were good, but not extremely challenging, therefore I had time to travel and also to have many guests. People in general are very welcoming, and although it’s not the most popular Erasmus choice, there is a fairly big group of exchange students and ESN events very frequently.
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