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IMESS – International Masters in Economy, State and Society

IMESS (International Masters in Economy, State and Society) is the leading two-year programme in comparative area studies that helps you to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

You will spend oneyear at University College London (UCL) inLondon, where you will develop expertisein the methodologies (econometrics),theories and applications of Economicsand Business and have the opportunityto study a new language or improve alanguage previously studied. In the secondyear, you will study at Corvinus Universityof Budapest (or other partner universities)where you will have the opportunity tochoose from the following three tracks:Economics and Business, Politics andthe International Economy or Politics andSecurity. Successful graduates will begiven a double degree (UCL and CUB) anda diploma supplement issued by the IMESSconsortium.
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