Széchenyi 2020
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem ×

University of Bamberg

  Corvinus students are eligible to apply if
  • They have an active status in the 2nd year of the Applied Economics BSc Programme at Corvinus;
  • They have an intermediate (or higher) level language exam in German;
  • They have not yet studied at a foreign institution of higher education in the frame of the Erasmus exchange programme.
Students spend the first two years in the home institution, at Corvinus. They follow the curriculum and complete the requirements of the first four semesters. (123 credits) Students spend the third year at OFU and complete the requirements in the German- language programme. They complete a number of foundation and core courses that are compulsory at Corvinus in the fifth and sixth semester, and prepare the thesis in German. (52 credits + 8 credits for thesis work)

Upon successfully completing the requirements of the double degree programme, students are granted a BSc diploma “Applied Economics” at CUB and BA diploma in “European Economic Studies” at OFU.  
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