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For Current Students

Core course:

  • Global Leadership

  • Model UNFCCC-CEMS Climate Change Strategy role-play
  • Digital Transformation
  • Global Marketing
  • Startup Navigator: The Entrepreneurial Perspective
  • The Roles and Duties of Management
  • Student Managed Investment Fund
  • Changing Environments in Business and Globalization
  • Decision Making Skills 
Core course:

  • Global Strategy

  • Decision Making Skills
  • Company Valuation And Value Creation
  • Corporate Sustainability and CSR
  • Marketing Challenges in Diverse European Markets
  • Strategic Financial Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Strategy for Global Industries
  • Changing Environments In Business and Globalization 

You only have to register for the CEMS course and do not have to register for the equivalent course in Hungarian.

Equivalency: Accountancy 2021
Equivalency: Finance 2021
Equivalency: Management and Leadership 2021
Equivalency: Marketing in English 2021
Equivalency: Marketing 2021
Equivalency Regional and environmental economic studies 2021
Before the exchange semester all students must arrange their visa, health insurance, accommodation and travel to the partner university.Check the course offer, cost of living, visa requirements of the partner university and check CEMS students’ experiences at the partner university. All CEMS students participating in an exchange semester have to comply with the Mobility Rules of the Faculty. Please consult the following page for the regulation and download the Learning Agreement.
Start the administrative steps at least one month before travelling!
  • Activate your semester in Neptun (on course registration week)
  • Register for „Semester abroad” course in Neptun (on course registration week)
  • If you would like to proceed with your studies in your Corvinus master programme during your exchange semester, you can submit a request for Reduced Curriculum for 2 courses through Neptun, register for these two courses on course registration week
  • Learning Agreement and „G-kari melléklet” has to be submitted to Erasmus Office (the Vice Dean will sign it)
  • You only have to include core courses and compulsory elective courses on the „G-kari melléklet” and have it signed by the professor teaching the equivalent course at Corvinus
  • If you go to the EU and get Erasmus grant, fill in the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement
  • If you are going outside the EU fill in the other form
  • If you get Campus Mundi grant, fill in the Campus Mundi Learning Agreement
  • Please write CEMS MIM Program on top of your Learning Agreement to let the Vice Dean know that your mandatory core course will be the CEMS core course
  • Register for courses at the partner university
During your stay abroad: 
  • If you make changes to the Learning Agreement have it signed by the partner university and send it back to the Erasmus Office by email within 15 days from the change
  • Without a valid LA you will have to pay back the Erasmus grant!
  • Follow all administrative steps required by the International Office

After the exchange semester documents to be submitted after arrival home:

  • Request for Credit Transfer
  • Transcript of records (original)
  • Learning Agreement
  • G-kari melléklet (signed before travelling abroad)

Administrator: Corvinus master programme coordinator

Deadline: Fall semester abroad: 15 March

Spring semester abroad: 15 September

Only those courses can be transferred that are included in the Learning Agreement and in the Request Form.

Your Transcript from the Partner University will arrive at the CEMS Office. You will be informed about it by email.

Please read the Credit Transfer regulation!

The CEMS MIM programme

The CEMS MIM programme is very demanding and together with the Corvinus master programme it represents an increased workload for students. Think carefully about scheduling your Corvinus and CEMS courses taking into consideration the course equivalencies between the two programmes.

Generally CEMS classes are very interactive and engaging and you will experience a lot of different teaching styles at the partner universities. The CEMS programme is a unique experience as you have the opportunity to work together with your fellow Corvinus students from other master programmes as well as with CEMS exchange students from partner univerisites.

The exam period for CEMS students at Corvinus is very intense, you will take all your exams on the first week of the exam period.

CEMS Community

CEMS Club Budapest

By being accepted to the CEMS Programme you automatically become a member of the CEMS Club. You can participate in a wide range of events organised by CEMS Club Budapest from winter and summer camp to international dinner with your fellow CEMSies, from cultural programmes and hiking to a fancy christmas ball each year.

CEMS Alumni

You can leverage on the knowledge and experience of local CEMS Alumni by getting career advice during the SAMP mentor programme or attending AlumNights dealing with the most pressing business-related issues.

CEMS Corporate Partners

CEMS Corporate Partners are actively involved in all elements of the CEMS curriculum: courses, skill seminars and business projects. They regularly take part in extracurricular activities with CEMS Club Budapest like rotation dinners, charity run etc. The CEMS Office prepares a CV book of each CEMS academic year and sends it to Corporate partners who use the book to select future interns or employees.

Please read the student guide carefully and follow the recommendations!

Valid semester
Please note that the CEMS semester is valid if you have min. 24 ECTS and no more than 37.5 ECTS.

Student Guides

CEMS Student Guide 2021-22
CEMS Student Guide 2020-21
CEMS Student guide 2019-20
CEMS Student guide 2018-19
CEMS Student guide 2017-18
CEMS Student guide 2016-17
Students are responsible for finding their own internship. The minimum requirement for class year 2016/17 is 10 consecutive weeks. From class year 2017/18 the minimum requirement decreased to 8 consecutive weeks.

Where to find?

CEMS Corporate Partners
CEMS Career Forum
The CEMS Office and CEMS Alumni posts internship offers on CEMS Club Budapest Google group

When you have found your internship, you have to register it in the CEMS database. Please check the registration and validation process here.
To meet the language graduation requirements:
  • You can take any Corvinus language course and at the end of the semester send an email about the completed course to and it will be administered on
  • Take min. 60 hour approved courses at cultural institutions listed on at any level from A1 to C
  • Take language exams listed on

Validity of Language Exams

Language exams and courses completed earlier can be taken into consideration as follows. The validity of the exam or course refers to the beginning of the MIM year.
  • A1 – 2 years
  • A2 – 2 years
  • B1 – 2 years
  • B2 – 5 years
  • C1 – forever
  • C2 – forever

IMPORTANT!! Not all language exams submitted at application fulfil the graduation requirements.

You must complete all curriculum elements to be able to graduate.Maximum 1.5 years passed between graduation from the home degree and fulfilment of all other CEMS MIM requirements.
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