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Dean of Graduate Programs

Helga Habis

Helga Habis graduated from thelegal predecessor of Corvinus University of Budapest as a market analyst in2006. She did her PhD studies at Maastricht University, researching mainlycooperative game theory and general equilibrium theory. She defended her dissertation on dynamic cooperation in 2011. In Maastricht, she also learnedabout problem-based teaching methods, which have a major impact on her teachingwork. She spent two years as a researcher at Lund University, and she was a guestresearcher at Luiss University in Rome and Montreal University. Her main areasof interest are modelling uncertainty, externalities and irrationality. She havebeen a lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest since 2010. 

In my position as Deanresponsible for the Master’s Degree Professional Portfolio, my mainresponsibility is to develop the supply of the Master’s degree programmes, andto maintain and update the contents and methodology of the degree programmes.As a lecturer, I am responsible for microeconomics and research is also veryimportant to me.


Dr. Habis Helga
E épület, 222
Phone: +36 1 482 5140 • Ext: 5140
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