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Online library of OECD. Access to OECD-publications (books, journals, statistics) is free of charge to anyone. Corvinus’ subscription gives access to datasets, they are exportable and downloadable.
OECD iLibrary User Guide

PULVITA Healthcare Databank combines the most important health information sources from Hungary. Data are collected from the following institutions: NEAK (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary), KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) and OTH (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service.) To use the databank pre-registration is necessary, it can be done at the opening page of the database. For the pre-registration use your institutional e-mail address (@uni-corvinus.hu). After filling in the online pre-registration form, applicants get an e-mail with the registration form in it. Fill and sign this form and send it to pulzusreg@okfo.gov.hu (documents are available only in Hungarian).

ORBIS EUROPE Recommended with Chrome

ORBIS Europe is a comprehensive, global database that contains company information in a standardised format. It includes public and private, very large, large, small- and medium-scale enterprises’ data, among others, financial strength metrics, associated news, ownership structures, global M&A deals, etc. Our subscription is limited to 5 concurrent users. The database can be browsed without having an account but for data exporting an account is necessary. To get it, please drop an e-mail to szolg@uni-corvinus.hu with your name, job title and e-mail address. Using Orbis is recommended under Chrome.

Hungarian language e-book collection from the Publisher. Represented fields are: human and social sciences, higher education textbooks, literature  

Full-text journal database from OUP. CUB’s subscription contains Social Sciences Collection. This collection includes a selection in economics, business, finance, communication subjects.

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