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CIHES Working Paper No.3.

First experiences of the three-cycle system in the Hungarian higher education
Conference papers

Editors: János Csirik, József Temesi
December, 2009

The conference on „The first experiences of the multi-cycle higher education system” was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Center for International Higher Education Studies. The aim of the conference was to publish the report of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference and the comments of other high-level higher education bodies. The conference was held at Corvinus University of Budapest on 15 June, 2009 with more than 200 participants from various levels of the Hungarian higher education. The higher education bodies were represented by their presidents. The opening speech of Károly Manherz, secretary of state, responsible for higher education and research, was followed by presentations of János Csirik (National Bologna Board), Imre Rudas (Hungarian Rectors’ Conference), György Bazsa (Hungarian Accreditation Board), Béla Mang (Higher Education and Research Council), Antal Bókay (National Credit Council) and Béla Palásti Kovács (National Bologna Board, Educational Committee).

The speakers and the comments in the discussion have been focusing on recommendations to improve higher education. Nevertheless, critical remarks have also been formulated demonstrating the drawbacks of the present system. These remarks can be used for redesigning some elements of the Bologna-process and in elaborating a long-term higher education strategy. This volume includes the background documents of the conference. The speakers of the conference – presidents of the most important higher education bodies – presented the conclusions of these documents. One of the goals of our publication is to contribute to the introduction of the Bologna-process in Hungary with documenting different views on an exciting period of model change in the Hungarian higher education.

83 pages
ISSN: 2060-9698
ISBN: 978-963-06-8740-9

Published studies:

  • Manherz, K.: Introduction of the multi-cycle training system in Hungary
  • Rudas, I.: “Bologna Report – 2008” – Hungarian Rectors’ Conference summary
  • Bazsa, Gy.: The Hungarian Association Committee’s position regarding the revision of the field of study system
  • Mang, B.: The Higher Educational and Scientific Council’s opinion and recommendations about the introduction of the Bologna Process in Hungary   
  • Bókay, A.: The National Credit Council’s position about the development process of higher education in Hungary in the last three years
  • Csirik, J., & Palásti Kovács, B.: The experiences of the domestic introduction of the Bologna process
  • Palásti Kovács, B.: “Bologna Report – 2008” – contradictions and challenges in the realisation of the Bologna process in Hungary
  • Csirik, J.: Current issues in higher education policy

The publication can be downloaded (in Hungarian) here.

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