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CIHES Working Paper No.1.

‘Hungarian Higher Education 2008’
Conference papers

Editors: József Berács, Ildikó Hrubos, József Temesi
March, 2009

The Center for International Higher Education Studies (CIHES) at the Corvinus University of Budapest, established in 2008, organized the “Hungarian Higher Education 2008” conference first in January 2009. The annual conference series are focusing on the most important events of the previous year. This volume, consisting of 11 presentations and a panel discussion, analyses the modernization endeavors of Hungarian higher education. Summarizing the first experiences of Bologna-process such fundamental questions are discussed like the change of the university ethos in Europe, conflicting of mass end elite education, the higher education reforms from the OECD perspectives and the internationalization of higher education. As long as the operational activities are concerned the financing and administration of universities are highlighted together with evaluation of so called “buffer” institutions as rectors’ conferences or quality assurance organizations.
140 pagesISBN: 978-963-503-395-9
Published studies:

  • Temesi, J.: Joining up, modell-copying, modernization attempt?
  • Bókay, A.: Transformation of the academic idea – new direction and tasks of the European higher education
  • Jobbágy, Á.: Mass education and elite training in the Hungarian higher education
  • Kozma, T.: How far does higher education extend?
  • Veroszta, Zs.: Value dimensions of the mass higher education
  • Kerékgyártó, Gy., & Szarvas, B.: Initial experiences of the Bologna process in the light of teaching a subject
  • Berács, J.: The internationalization of higher education
  • Limbacher, L.: The reform of our higher education from the OECD’s perspective
  • Polonyi, I.: Funding of the Hungarian higher education in the early 2000’s
  • Kováts, G.: The transformation of higher education institutions’ central administration
  • Hrubos, I.: Puffer organizations in higher education
  • Rosivall, L.: Medical education, requested remarks

The publication can be downloaded (in Hungarian) here.

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