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CIHES Working Paper No.4.

‘Hungarian Higher Education 2009’
Conference documents

Editors: József Berács, Ildikó Hrubos, József Temesi
March, 2010

The presentations are covering three main topics, offering the opportunity to take into consideration the last decade, not only the last year. The higher education performance parameters are starting points of the competitiveness and of the university funding, which is managed through a contractual system according to the new Higher Education Act. There is no doubt, that the most sensation of the year was the process of categorizing the universities to “research-university” or “university of excellence” status, which was based on scientometric methods too, but did not satisfied the international standards required by presenters. Without long term governmental strategy of higher education, the role of institutional strategies become more important, which were discussed by active and emeritus rectors, among them the rector of Babes-Bolyai University.

123 pages
ISSN: 2060-9698
ISBN: 978-963-06-9061-4

Published studies:

  • Rudas, I.: The Hungarian higher education in the Bologna Process
  • Csopaki, Gy.: The Hungarian higher education and the Research and Technology Innovation Fund
  • Csillag, T.: Whose interest?
  • Temesi, J.: Institutional performance indicators, performance requirements
  • Dezső, T.: The ‘research university’ concept in Europe and in Hungary
  • Patkós, A.: Chance for European excellence in the natural sciences
  • Vinkler, P.: Scientometrics in the service of science politics
  • Marga, A.: Quality and ExcellenceCsáki Csaba: How to create a world class university?
  • Detrekői, Á.: The cooperation between universities and companies
  • Szűcs, F.: Quality and Excellence from the point of view of Christian Higher Education

The publication can be downloaded (in Hungarian) here.

“Magyar Felsőoktatás 2009” Konferencia előadások

The working paper was supported by the project: TÁMOP-4.2.3-08/1/KMR-2009-0004.

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