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From Ivory Tower to Lighthouse. Expansion and Transformation of Higher Education Institutions’ Mission

From Ivory Tower to Lighthouse
Expansion and Transformation of Higher Education Institutions’ mission

Editor: Ildikó Hrubos
The authors of the studies: Katalin Bander, József Berács, Ákos Horváth, Ildikó Hrubos, Gergely Kováts, Gábor Nagy, Zsuzsanna Veroszta

In the period between 2010 and 2012, the research study entitled “The role of Higher Education in the development of a knowledge based society and a knowledge based economy” was conducted with the support of the BCE TÁMOP 4.2.1 project. The volume summarizes the research results of two themes (The main types of higher education institutions according to their undertaken missions and their actual activities. International market orientation, modern institutional management.) In the background is the fundamental challenge that in developed countries higher education must reformulate its social role, in order to make itself accepted in the rather critical environment, and in the midst of rather unfavourable economic conditions since the breakout of the 2008 crises. As a consequence of differentiation processes, the intensification of competition, the expansion of missions, and a more considerable responsibility falls on the institutional level, on individual institutions than previously.

338 pages
ISBN 978-963-339-033-7

Part I.: Institutional diversity in higher education

  • Higher education – an increasingly complex system
  • Attempt for the identification of the main types of higher education institution types in Hungary
  • Missions undertaken by institutional websites

Part II.: The regional commitment

  • The role of regionalism – the example of the Central Hungarian Region

Part III.: Internationalization, international market orientation

  • Internationalization trends and institutional compliance
  • Export market-orientation of higher education institutions: theoretical modeling and hypotheses
  • Export market orientation and executive opinions 

Part IV.: Institutional Governance

  • Institutional Governance – the chances of a strategic approaach

The tower

The book can be viewed (in Hungarian) here.

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