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CIHES Working Paper No.10.

‘Hungarian Higher Education 2012’
Survival scenarios
Conference papers

Editors: József Berács, Ildikó Hrubos, József Temesi
March, 2013

The year of 2012 in the Hungarian higher education was a turbulent period, hence the subtitle of the conference “Scenarios for Survival” became characteristic for institutions and government as well. Based on the new higher education law, accepted at the end of previous year, the year of 2012 could have been the year of strategic analysis and strategy development, but it was not. The presentations were looking for solutions, where the sustainable university operates among accountable financial situations. Beyond the public universities the private and church institutions were represented, expressing their problems. It was the first time that the research team of CIHES presented its Strategic Progress Report about the higher education of 2012. The whole conference got a special color listening to a German higher education researcher, talking about future scenarios of higher education.

92 pages
ISSN: 2060-9698

Published studies:

  • Temesi, J., Hrubos, I., & Berács, J.: Hungarian Higher Education 2012 – Strategic progress report
  • Sándorné Kriszt, É.: Scenarios for development
  • Teichler, U.: Future Scenarios of Higher Education
  • Hrubos, I.: The concept and practice of sustainable universities in Europe
  • Fodor, Gy.: Characteristics of the purely religious higher education
  • Szabó, P.: Organizational development and cost-efficiency

The publication can be downloaded (in Hungarian) here.

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The conference and the working paper was supported by the Association of Teachers.

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