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Financing higher education – International trends and national positions

Higher education funding – international trends and national positions

Editor: József Temesi
The authors of the studies: Edina Berlinger, György Boda, Gábor Halász, Gergely Kováts, Tamás Mészáros, András Olivér Németh, István Polónyi, Miklós Stocker, József Temesi

The aim of the studies in this volume is to introduce the position of financing Hungarian higher education in comparison with international tendencies. While describing facts, potentials and ways of funding higher education the studies outline the role of higher education, equity and access issues and the expectations of the labour market, too. The overall picture demonstrates that although the strategic importance of higher education has been accepted by the governments, the policy-makers often ignore the actual needs of that sector. Most of us are affected by the impact of life-long learning, therefore the book is intended to address not only the policy-makers and those who are working for higher education in different roles. Questions like how much to spend for higher education; what are the sources for funding; how to ensure fair access to higher education; and how to distribute the results of an efficient higher education can attract the interest of a wider audience.

338 pages
ISBN 978-963-339-032-0

Part I.: International trends

  • Halász, G: Financing reforms in higher education: an international comparative analysis
  • Németh, A O.: Higher Education funding in Central-Eastern Europe
  • Kováts, G: Higher education funding in some developed countries
  • Berlinger, E: Why is a European-wide student loan system needed?

Part II.: The national situation

  • Polónyi, I: The history of the national higher education’s state funding, 1990-2011
  • Mészáros, T: Reflections on the discussions about the Hungarian higher education
  • Boda, Gy: Output funding in higher education
  • Temesi, J: International higher education funding trends: lessons learned and recommendations in the beginning of 2012

The book can be viewed (in Hungarian) here.

Felsőoktatás finanszírozás. Nemzetközi tendenciák és a hazai helyzet.
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