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3rd Language Requirement

To meet the language graduation requirements:

  • You can take any Corvinus language course and at the end of the semester send an email about the completed course to and it will be administered on
  • Take min. 60 hour approved courses at cultural institutions listed on at any level from A1 to C
  • Take language exams listed on


Language exams and courses completed earlier can be taken into consideration as follows. The validity of the exam or course refers to the beginning of the MIM year.

A1 – 2 years

A2 – 2 years

B1 – 2 years

B2 – 5 years

C1 – forever

C2 – forever

IMPORTANT!! Not all language exams submitted at application fulfil the graduation requirements.

More information:



You must complete all curriculum elements to be able to graduate.

Maximum 1.5 years passed between graduation from the home degree and fulfilment of all other CEMS MIM requirements.

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