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Alumni and CEMS Events

In the CEMS Program, you can also enjoy CEMSational events with your fellow students besides completing your studies. Whether it is the spring or autumn season, you can find several interesting programs from dinners to career forum but even summer barbecues! Have a look at these events in details!

Events in the spring term


Responsible Global Leadership Seminar

This is a two-day seminar, which brings together representatives from Corporate Partners, CEMS professors and students, for an experiential learning opportunity. Students have the opportunity to explore personal responsibility in the context of being a future leader/manager, starting to better understand her/himself, their personal values, their impact on decision-making, and how this in turn affects other people.


Winter Camp

A 2-day camp to get to know each other. Students can meet several corporate partners and of course have a party with the current and the freshly accepted classes and the alumni. 

Student Alumni Mentorship Program

The Student-Alumni Mentorship Program (SAMP) gives the opportunity to students to get a mentor from our amazing Alumni community, who is already working in a certain field and is motivated to share his or her experience and knowledge with students. The mentorship program lasts for a year and usually starts in February.


Rotation Dinner (Spring) 

This is a unique opportunity to network with the representatives of our Corporate Partners and have a nice dinner at the same time. The rule is simple: having each course during the dinner with a different company. Most commonly attending partners: Deloitte, BCG, Vodafone, Microsoft, P&G and MET.


Alumni Mixer

Every year CEMS Club Budapest is organizing this traditional event, the CEMS Alumni Mixer. The purpose of the get-together is to provide an opportunity for the CEMSies to meet the Alumni to get to know each other better. Don’t miss this great opportunity to join us for a CEMSational dinner!


Semester Closing BBQ

We celebrate the end of the semester with a BBQ party every year. It is a perfect event to share some memorable moments together without the burdens of course assignments and business projects.


Summer Camp

Just like in winter, it is an opportunity for students to meet corporate partners and of course have a party with the current students and the Alumni. The 3-day event is traditionally held by the lake Balaton to maximize the summer experience.

CEMS Rotation Dinner
CEMS Winter Camp
CEMS Summer Camp

Events in the fall term


Block Seminar

The 1-week Block Seminar is a mandatory part of the CEMS program where the most current topics are introduced to the participants by university professors and experts from Corporate Partners. The Block Seminar usually takes place in the romantic city of Gödöllő in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel**** right next to the Royal Palace. However, the Block Seminar is also about bonding and meeting fellow CEMSies who are about to start the upcoming semester together at CBS.


Charity Run

Since 2010 CEMS Club Budapest organizes its annual charity event, CEMS Charity Run 2016 at Margaret Island. The purpose of the sport event is to support different NGOs in each year. In 2016 Mosoly Alapítvány received the donations of the Charity Run. The foundation provides psychological therapy programs and positive experience programs for children who suffer from chronic disease and psychological trauma to recover their smiles.

Rotation Dinner (Fall)

As one of the biggest advantages of CEMS is its network, a Rotation Dinner is organized in the Fall term as well, which also those CEMSies can attend who happened to be abroad on their exchange in the previous semester.


CEMS Career Forum

CEMS Career Forum, one of the highlight events of the CEMS community, is a 2-day recruitment and networking event taking place annually in November. From 2017 Corvinus University of Budapest has the honour to host this important event for 3 years. In 2017 the event will be held on 3rd-4th November.


Christmas Ball

CEMS Club Budapest celebrates the end of each year with the annual Christmas Ball. This is a special event as here all CEMS stakeholders meet: current students, Alumni, professors and Corporate Partners spend the night together while the best moments of the year are recalled. In 2016 the Christmas Ball was dedicated where we jointly supported the Kompánia Alapítvány and fulfilled the Christmas wishes of the children in need. 

CEMS Charity Run
CEMS Career Forum
CEMS Christmas Ball

CEMS Career Forum

CEMS Career Forum, one of the highlight events of the CEMS community, is a 2-day recruitment and networking event taking place annually in November.Career Forum provides a platform that connects over 1000 students and alumni with representatives from over 40 Corporate Partners representing global companies. The CEMS Career Forum is the perfect opportunity for CEMS students and young alumni to meet and interact with CEMS Corpoarate Partners, learn about opportunities for internships and permanent employment and also broaden their network.

From 2017 Corvinus University of Budapest is proud to host this important event for 4 years. In 2019 the event will be held on 8th-9th November.Photos from Career Forum. The career forum offers for students and young graduates a rare opportunity to meet with recruitment experts from over 40 multinational companies in just one place, network with peers and maybe even take the first crucial step towards full employment by a CEMS Corporate Partner.This multi-stakeholder event connects Corporate Partners, Students, Alumni and also Academic schools through the following activities:

1. Career training workshops

The aim of these workshops is to provide the participants with practical, ready-to-take skills, such as interview skills, networking, etc, that they can use during the job fair and later on. Skill seminars are designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn practical business skills in a very dynamic setting with one of the CEMS Corporate Partners. The goal is to foster a closer student-Corporate Partner relationship by having companies teaching students using their vast experience in the business world. These are CEMS accredited skill seminars which means that students may earn CEMS credits when completing such a seminar.

CEMS Skill Seminars


2. CEMS Gala

All Career Forum participants are invited to take part in the student party that will take place as a closure of the event. This is a unique opportunity to meet, broaden one’s network, share first impressions after the Career Forum and enjoy the last night all together.

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest
Address: 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
Host: Corvinus Business School



Companies represented at CEMS Career Forum 2018

Swiss Re, Novo Nordisk, Arla Foods, Vodafone, Gartner, Astra Zeneca, Facebook, Salesforce, Henkel, Deloitte, Société Généralé, Reckitt Benckiser, SKODA AUTO, A.T. Kearney, Whirlpool, MET Group, Siemens Management Consulting, A.P. Moller – Maersk, zeb, ABB, DHL Consulting, LVMH, UniCredit, Unibail-Rodamco, Beiersdorf, Daimler AG, GSK, L’Oréal, KONE, METRO, Bain & Company, Bayer, Groupe SEB, Barilla, Merck, P&G, BNP Paribas, Kerry, EF Education First, Statoil ASA, E.ON Inhouse Consulting, Google, McKinsey & Company, Hilti.

CEMS Alumni

The CEMS Alumni Association was founded in 1993. Since its creation, the CAA has become an inclusive, dynamic and powerful organisation by pursuing three main goals:

1) Create and maintain friendly long-lasting contact among CEMS alumni
2) Provide exclusive access to a professional network and opportunities for our members
3) Support and promote the CEMS MIM degree, CEMS experience and brand globally

In the Alumni Program, students are welcomed to become CEMS Volunteers and give back to their CEMS Community.

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