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The University maintains a consultative, proposing and monitoring Committee to promote the goals laid down in the Human Strategy of the University.

Responsibilities of the HR Committee

To take the appropriate measures according to the Human Strategy, to oversee their implementation

To express an opinion on draft policies with regard to the employment of the University’s employees

To analyse whether the provisions of the Human Strategy are observed, to make proposals on addressing shortfalls

To contribute to developing the University’s corporate culture: to work out the surveying methodology

To evaluate the survey results, to define an action plan for improving corporate culture, to monitor its implementation

To contribute to increasing employee commitment: to work out the surveying methodology, to evaluate the survey results, to define an action plan for increasing employee commitment, to monitor its implementation

To contribute to developing and improving HR policies and practices, (rewarding, performance improvement, recruitment, selection, talent management, training/development)

To review, evaluate organisational lessons learned with respect to the implementation of HR policies, to define development directions

To develop a position-based system (standard job descriptions, analysis and evaluation of positions, to develop a position-based structure)

To take part in developing the training strategy (manager training, competence development, professional trainings), the annual training plan (top down guidelines, evaluation of annual training programs, programs etc.)

To perform tasks as requested by the Rector, the President, the Chancellor or the Chairperson of the Committee.

Members of the Committee

The Chairperson of the Committee shall be the Head of HR

  • The Vice-Rector for Faculty
  • The Director General of CDS
  • The Head of the Teacher Training and Digital Learning Centre
  • The manager delegated by the Chancellor representing the Chancellery
  • The Head of Economic and Labour Law Services
  • One employee representing Academic Management
  • One employee representing HR
  • One lecturer invited by the Head of the Committee
  • One higher education expert invited by the Head of the Committee

The rules of procedure of the HR Committee shall be established by the Committee itself

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