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The specific research ethics approval procedure

The following research forms shall be subject to obtaining a permission:

a) direct data collection from participants (in instances of intervening and non-intervening participation), and

b) indirect data provision with regard to a person connected to the participant (e.g. parent provides data on child, superior on subordinate).

Scope of the Provisions:

(1) The scope of the Provisions shall cover all research projects that are carried out from domestic or EU support, grant source (hereinafter research project) in which research is performed by a person who has an employment status with CUB (researcher, lecturer, grantee or doctoral student in a research group, student, guest researcher, guest lecturer in a project team) and either research ethics issues arise or compliance with such standards is to be considered irrespective of whether the researcher works individually, as part of a CUB group, or jointly with third parties.

(2) The Provisions shall also apply to research projects for which an inquiry is made by an external researcher/a data access inquiry is made with respect to any person who has an employment or student status with CUB or with respect to their personal data.

(3) The scope of the Provisions shall cover any persons acting as contributors, subjects in the research projects, persons dealing with research ethics issues as set out herein.

(4) The Provisions shall define the scope of persons entitled to issue research ethics permissions as well as the procedure itself.

Initiation of the procedure:

The researcher, the research supervisor, can determine the need to request ethical approval by completing the ” Research Ethics Review Questionnaire for research projects as part of the research plan and then sending it to the Committee by e-mail. These two documents are therefore indispensable when sending the request electronically to research@uni-corvinus.hu:

(1) the research or project plan (feel free to create this),

(2) the completed ” Research Ethics Review Questionnaire for research projects ” (available in the downloadable documents)

In all cases, the Committee can only make its decision after a thorough examination of the above two documents!

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