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Educational Committee

The Educational Committee belongs to the Senate and the Rector and is responsible for training development, education and educational management.

Its scope of responsibilities are:

  • Decides upon the schedule of the academic year.
  • Decides – upon request of the Vice-Rector for Education – about the disciplines and scheduling of the complex tasks that require the collaboration of more organizational units.
  • Sets up ad-hoc sub-committees to complete above tasks.
  • Decides – upon request of the Vice-Rector for Education – about non-regulation level educational development, training, educational management issues, which fall outside the scope of responsibilities of the Senate, another Committee or person.

Responsibility areas as a preparatory and reviewing body:

  • reviews the launching of new university programmes
  • reviews proposals for launching and amending specialization courses
  • reviews the launch or termination of courses as an off-site or dual course
  • reviews the basic principles of double/dual degree, multiple degree, joint degree agreements
  • reviews the launch of non-university level (e.g. adult training, training for national authorities) courses
  • reviews the launch of a partial upgrading training
  • reviews the sample curricula of departments
  • reviews the basic principles of mobility or agreements below double/dual, multiple degree, joint degree levels
  • collaborates in determining the training profile of the University, and, in relation to this, evaluating the quality control policy of the University
  • collaborates in determining the annual quality targets relative to the educational strategy of the University
  • reviewing the proposals for student regulations and their amendments
  • Reviews regulation amendments concerning launching courses, training and training administration activities, and the restructuring of the training organizational units.
  • Reviews the basic principles and proposals concerning the student advisory system and the evaluation of teaching staff by students.
  • Collaborates in the preparation of instructions concerning training and training management.
  • Decides upon the scheduling of the five-yearly review of the curricula and supervises that review.

As the sub-committee of the Educational Committee the University runs a Digital Training  Sub-Committee involving the Teacher Training and Digital Learning Centre.


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